Gulfview Windows and Doors wins championships

Gulfview Windows and Doors wins championships
Dominating the field last Thursday night, Gulfview Windows and Doors won the adult flag football championship game. Pictured left to right: Jake Parsons, Ryan Moss, Brandin Holcomb, Tyler Lancaster, Jordan DeMers, Dina Calvary, Justin Greer and Jason Sato. - Monica Simpson | Sun

After a dry spell, one of the Island’s organized sports’ best all-around athletes, Ryan Moss, earned a second championship wearing the Gulfview Windows and Doors logo in the adult co-ed flag football league.

Just a few months ago, Moss, with friend and owner of Gulfview, Jordan DeMers, took home the Paul “Ace” Hayward Cup in adult soccer. The dynamic duo, along with teammates Tyler Lancaster, Brandin Holcomb, Dina Calvary, Jake Parsons, Jason Sato and Justin Greer, finished the regular season at The Center in second place behind Progressive Cabinetry, which lost in the semi-final game against Lancaster Designs.

Just minutes into the game, with the football in hand behind the line of scrimmage, Sato found Moss open for the first touchdown of the game and an extra point catch in the end zone by Calvary.

Playing against the team with his business sponsorship, Lancaster’s speed and agility helped stop Lancaster Designs’ team captain and quarterback Tim Shaughnessy. The hot hands of Holcomb and Jordan gave both Moss and Sato excellent targets with a combined 11 receptions, two for extra points and two touchdown catches for DeMers. Coming off having just played an indoor soccer game and a semi-final flag football game, both Sato and Moss dug deep and found the energy to dominate the throwing game, with Moss’ three touchdown passes and Sato having two of his own.

On the other side of the field, Lancaster Design’s father-son combination of Mike and Tim Shaughnessy hit their intended receiver, Anthony Mannino, for a touchdown pass each. Mannino’s touchdown was the only scoring for regular season fourth-place finishers. The team’s loss was not for the lack of heart or desire to win the matchup.

Lancaster Design’s offense has catching ability, as shown in the game statistics. T. Shaughnessy had six catches of his own, with a close second by Mannino’s five nabs. Karri Stephens was the top receiver of the game, but his efforts were not enough to take his team to the top. Louis Pellegrino and Brianna Roberts each had a single reception, paired with three nice catches for Jay Hoffmeister.

Gulfview’s game on both sides of the football was on point and could not be stopped. The team’s defense rattled the offense of Lancaster Design, including an interception by Holcomb. With momentum, Sato hit Moss a couple of more times with a deep route along the sideline for big yardage gains. Gulfview flipped the action with Moss finding Sato running a wheel route.

Missed flag pulls by Lancaster Design let Sato cross the goal line in the first half of the game.

The ladies of the gridiron, Calvary and Roberts are fierce competitors and stellar players. Both with strong all-around games, the one-on-one coverage and battle between the two veteran players endured the entire game. Knowing the taste of victory, each player having bragging rights to multiple championships, Roberts did not give up points to Calvary at the end of the game despite the point spread. Roberts’ tight coverage of Calvary and ultimate flag pull prevented the point after on the final touchdown of the game, leaving the score 34-12 with just seconds left on the game clock and no chance for Lancaster Designs to come back to take the win.

After Lancaster inadvertently ran over his teammate Calvary, the official called the game granting Gulfview Windows and Doors the championship.

In final adult indoor soccer action, the semifinal games will be played Thursday at 6:30 p.m. and 7:30 p.m. The first game puts number one seed Progressive Cabinetry against number five seed Sato Real Estate. Moss Builders, finishing second in the season, plays third-place finishers Ugly Grouper in the second game of the night. The winners face off at a date and time to be determined at The Center.

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