Family and friends on the gridiron: Gulfview bests Moss Builders

Family and friends on the gridiron: Gulfview bests Moss Builders
Moss Builders' Chad Woods takes to the air against Gulfview Windows and Doors' Brandin Holcomb last Thursday night to make the catch. - Monica Simpson | Sun

As the years go by and players become more than just teammates, team rosters put close friends and family members in a battle against each other on the flag football field at The Center.

Gulfview Windows and Doors, captained by Ryan Moss, went head-to-head against Moss Builders, Moss’ family-owned and operated custom home construction company.

On the other side of the football last Thursday night, team Moss Builders, led by Ray Gardner, played with Jon Moss and Ed Moss in a hard fought loss.

In most recent seasons, Ryan Moss frequently finds himself on the opposing team of brother Jon. Ed typically finds himself wearing the same jersey as son Ryan, but not this season.

Going into the game, both teams had 3-2 records. Each squad looking to overtake the other in the season ranking and move on into the playoffs.

Taking the early lead, Gulfview’s Brandin Holcomb scored the first of three touchdowns in the game. With the extra point, the scoreboard posted a 7-0 lead for R. Moss’ skillful team.

Moss Builders took the football back down the field for a score of its own by Jordan DeMers. The lightning speed of rusher Tyler Lancaster resulted in a sack, preventing the point after and leaving the score at 7-6.

On offense, R. Moss got the ball to the solid hands of Dina Calvary, gaining short yardage before the flag pull by Moss Builders’ Lexi Sato.

Having his best game of the season, Holcomb made a beautiful reception with long yardage after and a trip past the goal line.

After putting rushing yardage in the stats book, Gardner made a beautiful reception on a long pass by J. Moss. Holcomb’s flag pull prevented the touchdown in the no run zone.

Moss took the next snap, quickly getting the football to Gardner behind the line of scrimmage. Gardner found J. Moss open in the end zone for a touchdown. Once again, Moss Builders could not convert, leaving the score at 13-12.

Moss hit his targets, DeMers and Lancaster for first down yardage after an amazing diving catch by Lancaster.

Sato’s sack of R. Moss took the game to second down.

Under immense pressure by the rusher, R. Moss hit Holcomb in the end zone with Nick Sato around his hips for his third touchdown catch.

The score remained at 19-12 with the incomplete pass to Lancaster for the point after.

Going back on offense, Gardner found N. Sato near midfield with 6.8 seconds left on the game clock for the first half of play. The next pass to N. Sato was not catchable, ending the half with Gulfview ahead by seven points.

Moss Builders started the last 20 minutes of the game on offense, but could not get into the end zone. Gulfview took over on downs and started with another nice catch by Calvary.

Speedy L. Sato once again snagged the flag off of QB R. Moss for another sack. With a short first down toss to Holcomb, it appeared that N. Sato made the stop short of the midfield line, but the referees made the first down call.

The first down gave Gulfview three tries to get across the goal line. DeMer’s touchdown catch advanced the score to 25-12.

Holcomb’s one point conversion catch, with defender Gardner in his face, gave Gulfview a 14-point lead.

With 12 minutes left on the game clock, both teams knew there was plenty of time left in the game with these two teams on the field.

It became a defense battle, as Moss Builders struggled on offense. J. Moss worked behind the center as the quarterback with the long strides of Jake Parsons hot on his heels.

Moss hit L. Sato for a seven-yard gain before the flag pull by R. Moss.

Gardner had a catch and run of his own, but Lancaster’s defensive play prevented the first down.

On the next snap of the football, J. Moss and Gardner played with the Gulfview defense with tosses behind the line of scrimmage before getting the football to Chad Woods. R. Moss stopped Woods’ forward progress, but not before getting the first down.

Moss gained 10 yards of his own with a solid catch. Parsons returned to the rushing position to pester Gardner, causing him to overthrow Woods in the end zone.

Gulfview took over on downs with nine minutes left in the game.

Calvary got the call two plays in a row with solid catches and yards after. R. Moss found one of his favorite receivers and close friend DeMers open right at midfield for the first down.

With L. Sato chasing in the backfield, Gulfview was called for a seven-second violation, as R. Moss could not get the throw off in time.

On second down, the long throw by R. Moss was intended for DeMers. The impeccable defensive timing of Gardner and his vertical leaping ability put him step for step with DeMers, putting him in the position to bat the football down.

Gulfview was given a warning on its first delay of game penalty. Needing to get into the end zone, R. Moss could not find an open man as the Moss Builders’ defense played strong, resulting in another delay of game penalty.

Under the pressure of the clock, Gardner threw a beautiful pass to Woods for the first down. Parsons rushing game against J. Moss resulted in an incomplete pass with R. Moss and Calvary colliding in the middle of the field.

Moss had a nice catch and significant yards after for statistics of his own with very little time left in the matchup.

Gardner could not reach his receiver with his pass to Woods with Parsons on his heels once again, giving the football back to Gulfview.

The Moss-DeMers combination took the football down the field for positive yards before the Gardner flag pull.

A second seven-second violation was called on Gulfview with N. Sato as the Moss rusher, leaving one minute on the game clock.

Changing things up, Lancaster threw the long pass to DeMers. Unwilling to quit, Gardner matched up against the taller, bigger receiver. With perfect timing and skill, Gardner prevented the catch, giving his team the football one last time with seconds left in the game.

Emotions were high on the field as Lancaster played solid defense against N. Sato. Unintentional contact escalated, resulting in both players leaving the game.

In the pass only zone, J. Moss was sacked by Parsons, credited with his only official sack of the game.

The clock was running as Gardner found Mike Gillum for the first down catch. On the next play, J. Moss got the call and managed to outrun and outmaneuver Gulfview defenders who could not pull his flag.

Moss Builders called a timeout with 0.8 seconds left in the game and one play left to score and end the game with more points on the scoreboard.

Sato’s snap to Gardner gave her time to run her route and get open. The throw to L. Sato was batted by a Gulfview defender to end the game with the score at 26-12.

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