Progressive Cabinetry shatters Gulfview Windows and Doors

Progressive Cabinetry shatters Gulfview Windows and Doors
On offense, Gulfview Windows and Doors works its magic behind the line of scrimmage with a quick pitch to team captain Ryan Moss, giving him time to run with the football or find an open man. – Monica Simpson | Sun

ANNA MARIA – The veteran Moss Builders squad squashed the young Ugly Grouper team’s dreams of its first victory last Thursday night.

At the last 3.7 seconds, Jon Moss of Moss Builders, playing without team captain Ray Gardner, threw the game-tying touchdown to Chad Woods. The successful point-after attempt pushed Moss Builders ahead of Ugly Grouper to end the game with the score 19-20.

With a 30-minute rain delay during the previous game, the second game of the night put the football in the hands of a strong Progressive Cabinetry team. The youthful talents of captain Connor Haughey and Brandon Kull proved to be a fierce combination.

Early scoring by the Progressive team started with a reception by Ben Sato and Kull. Kull’s catch of the quarterbacks’ spot-on throw led to a touchdown, followed by Joey Carder’s extra point for a 7-0 lead.

On offense, Gulfview Windows and Doors continued the scoring with a touchdown of its own. Gulfview’s Jordan DeMers made huge yardage on his first catch and run after from the Ryan Moss toss.

Team captain Moss’ accurate arm was a little off Thursday night, but he still managed to get the football into the hands of Brandin Holcomb for the team’s first TD. The missed extra point put the score to 7-6.

Progressive Cabinetry’s next possession ended in another visit to the end zone with a spinning reception and the point after by Haughey, advancing the score to 14-6.

The next series of possession resulted in three downs and out for each team. With less than a minute on the scoreboard for the first half of play, Kull scored his second touchdown, but Progressive could not convert on the extra point.

An interception by DeMers ended the first half with the score 20-6, with Progressive in the lead.

The second half of the game started with both teams looking a little flat. On its third offensive possession of the half, Gulfview scored another six points with Holcomb’s second TD catch.

Answering back, Kull found himself in the Gulfview end zone, giving his team a 14-point lead with the score 26-12.

Taking control of the offensive result, Moss put his own reception for a touchdown in the stats book. Moss’ TD catch and run silenced defender Kull’s taunting on the field comments.

With the scoreboard showing a score of 26-19 and less than five minutes left in the game, Jake Parsons got his first sack of the game, racing across the line of scrimmage. Kull’s additional yardage after the reception was stopped by Moss’ flag pull.

On third down, under immense pressure by Parsons, Haughey threw a bomb to Kull, who was able to bring it down for another Progressive Cabinetry touchdown.

The extra point throw by Jaret Rojas to Sato gave their team a lead with the score of 33-19.

Coming back on offense with plenty of time for Moss to take his team down the field twice for the win, Gulfview tried to move the football down the field. Three snaps of the football put Progressive back on offense after three incomplete passes.

In an act of sportsmanship, Progressive Cabinetry chose not to snap the ball with the 14-point victory.

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