Progressive Cabinetry shuts the door on Moss Builders

Progressive Cabinetry shuts the door on Moss Builders
Moss Builders' Miguel Ajoy works to take the soccer ball past Progressive Cabinetry defender Jessica Williams and Murat Akay last Thursday night in adult indoor soccer action. - Monica Simpson | Sun

In week three of the adult indoor soccer season at The Center, Kevin Roman’s Progressive Cabinetry team continues to dominate the league along with Keith Mahoney’s Ugly Grouper squad, both with 3-0 records.

Progressive faced off against the Moss-less Moss Builders team in the second game of the night in a passionately played game. Miguel Ajoy started off the scoring for the Moss Builders’ team in the first minute of the game.

Roman followed up with the first of seven goals in the game only seconds later.

With the score tied 1-1, the game would continue to be a battle of the defenses and hotshots.

Jessica Williams, for Progressive Cabinetry, took her first shot at point-blank range. Moss’ Omar Polar, playing goalkeeper, made one of many miraculous saves.

Juan Carlos scored his first goal in the fourth minute of the game, giving Moss Builders the lead once again with the score at 2-1.

Lyn Clarke put the soccer ball in the net with a ricochet shot only to be followed by a goal for Progressive’s Murat Akay.

In the seventh minute of play, Williams got the ball to the feet of Diego Felipe. With his head up, seeing the field, Felipe found Roman in the perfect position for the tying goal.

Akay helped his team take the lead four minutes later with another goal, advancing the score to 3-4.

With Moss Builder’s keeper David Greene out of position, Roman had the opportunity for a shot and easy goal.

Carlos responded by putting the soccer ball in the net after the Moss Builders’ offense drew Felipe, now working as the keeper, out of position.

Working with a one-point lead, Progressive worked on defense but could not stop Polar, who tied the game once again with the score 5-5.

Two minutes later, Roman found the net once again.

The back and forth game continued until the half. Carlos got a shot off with the last seconds of the first half of play quickly ticking off the scoreboard clock. Diego just could not stop Carlos’ shot, once again tying the game at 6-6 to end the half.

To start the final 20 minutes of the game, Roman snuck the soccer ball past goalie Greene after a beautiful long pass by Akay.

With a one-point lead, Williams quickly took advantage of her team’s scoring momentum with a shot of her own that could not be stopped, moving the score to 6-8.

Scoring his second goal of the game, Moss Builders’ Ajoy was finally given the ball after a long series of passes by both teams.

Williams scored her second goal after a cross by teammate Roman. The roles were soon reversed a minute later with a Williams’ assist to Roman to change the score to 7-10.

Moss Builders scored a goal of its own four minutes later. Polar put the ball in the goal with a header 15 seconds later, closing the scoring gap to 9-10.

The back and forth goal scoring kept the game exciting for the next two minutes of the game. Missile shots Steve Oelfke, Akay and Felipe were matched by a Moss Builders’ goal by Carlos.

Scoring ceased momentarily with the score at 10-13 and Progressive Cabinetry leading by three goals. Carlos scored once again in the 32nd minute.

Neither team tiring, the last five minutes of the match-up would prove to be a scoring feast for the spectators to enjoy.

Williams made a gorgeous cross-court pass to Roman, who found Akay all by himself at the net, giving the Progressive Cabinetry team its 14th goal of the game.

Moss Builders’ Carlos hit his last goal of the night, pushing the score to 14-12.

Back-to-back scoring by Progressive’s Felipe, with the last net and one minute left in the game, gave his team a four-point lead.

To end the game with amazing saves by keeper Oelfke, Moss’ Polar scored his final goal with only 17 seconds on the clock to end the game with the score 13-16.

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