Adult sports head into the playoffs at The Center

Adult sports head into the playoffs at The Center
Lancaster Designs' Anthony Mannino made a nice reception entering a swarm of Moss Builders defenders Chad Woods and Lexi Sato. - Monica Simpson | Sun

As the second week of September comes and goes, the adult athletes at The Center of Anna Maria Island take the competitive action to the next level on the football field and indoor soccer court, progressing toward the leagues’ championship games.

In adult flag football, four teams matched up on the gridiron, while the top two teams had a bye week, giving second seed Gulfview Windows and Doors and the regular season top finishers Progressive Cabinetry a break.

Before suffering an injury, Moss Builders’ team captain had 11 receptions, including three touchdowns and two extra points from passes by Jon Moss. Moss had four passing touchdowns in the game. The game’s MVP, despite her team’s loss, was Lexi Sato for Moss Builders.

Sato had 12 catches in the game, getting into the end zone three times with two touchdowns and a point after conversion reception. Her biggest play was a run after the catch, taking the football more than halfway down the field and getting past three defenders.

With the game’s win, Tim Shaughnessy, captain for Lancaster Designs, had five scoring throws, finding Anthony Mannino for 14 catches. Mannino’s catches included two touchdowns and two extra points, adding to the three touchdown catches by Jay Hoffmeister.

In the second wildcard game of the night, both teams used the teams’ rosters for another close game.

Team Ugly Grouper could not capture the victory despite spirited play by the team lead by Matthew Manger. Strong defensive play by Manger with a sack against the Hashmark Sports QB and the interception by Bradley Coleman just was not enough.

Getting into the end zone, Cooper Rosier, Sirkevius Williams and Corey Jakes scored touchdowns, with extra points by Anthony McCance, Cooper Rosier, Williams and Jakes, put 35-points on the scoreboard for Ugly Grouper.

Hashmark Sports earned one more week of play with scoring passes by Chase Richardson, Octavious Cole and Tim Holly. Richardson, Holly, Corey Banks, Zach Holder and Kate Simpson put the points up and helped their team to win the head-to-head against Ugly Grouper.

Semifinal match-ups start at 6:30 p.m. on Thursday, Sept. 19, with Progressive Cabinetry facing off against Lancaster Design and Gulfview Windows and Doors playing Hashmark Sports for the second final game position. The four remaining teams fight to the end looking to secure a slot in the championship adult flag football game at 9 p.m. Thursday night.

In indoor soccer action, team captain and high scorer, Slim’s Place’s Joey Hutchinson put the soccer ball into the net nine times in his game against Moss Builders. Hutchison’s teammate Jose Casaras had five goals, while Clancey Vaughn got past the goalkeeper twice.

Staying busy by the net, Robb Marshall had 20 saves in the game, only to be topped by Sato Real Estate’s Mark Rudacille with 24 saves and Ugly Grouper’s John Haggerty getting to the soccer ball 27 times.

Kevin Roman’s Progressive Cabinetry squad won another one in the second indoor game of the week. Roman had four goals, adding to the scores by Diego Felipe, Steve Oelfke, Murat Akay and Jessica Williams.

Despite the loss, Gulfview Windows and Doors’ Jose Bolanos, Freddy Lenhert and captain Keith Mahoney managed to put eight points on the scoreboard.

In the battle of the goalies and the lowest-scoring game of the night, Sato Real Estate took the win against Ugly Grouper. Ben Sato and Adam Bujarski led the Sato Real Estate team in the win with four and three goals for each player, with an additional goal by Jason Sato and Ryan Moss.

Ugly Grouper’s loss was hard-fought. Connor Bystrom got his hat trick in the game with three goals in addition to the single goal by Olaf Krause and a pair by Yuri Pereira.

Going into playoffs, Progressive Cabinetry topped the ranking as the first seed team, followed by Moss Builders, earning the teams a bye week. This week’s playoff games put Gulfview and Sato Real Estate on the indoor court for the first championship game slot.

At 7:30 p.m. Ugly Grouper and Slim’s Place go against each other for the final place in the playoff bracket for the final game of the season to be played on Thursday, Sept. 26, at 9 p.m.

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