Moss Builders shut out Island Vacation Properties

Moss Builders shut out Island Vacation Properties
Moss Builder's intermediate level team dominated the indoor pitch last Tuesday night at The Center. - Monica Simpson | Sun

This summer’s indoor soccer action at The Center includes two skill levels and age group divisions: Intermediate (five- to nine-year-old) and Advanced (10- to 14-year-old).

In the first game of the third week of play, the intermediate teams of Moss Builders and Island Vacation Properties faced each other in 40 minutes of rapid-fire action.

Dylan Sato started the play for Moss Builders. Immediately, Maddie Kimmons showed what a defensive powerhouse she is for Island Vacation Properties.

Sato brother Brandon made a nice reaching attempt to stop the soccer ball, but just could not quite get to it.

Six minutes into the game, Moss Builder’s Jackson Titen made a nice shot attempt. Teammate Mason Moss hit a rocket shot that was stopped by Kimmons, playing by the net.

Sato made a shot attempt that went just right of the post seven minutes later.

Island Vacation Properties made a great run down the field before being stopped by Moss.

With three minutes left on the scoreboard, Moss made another shot attempt, finding Kimmons away from the goal.

Despite what looked to be domination on the field by Moss Builders, the first half of play ended with the score 0-0.

Island Vacation Properties started the second half play. Camden Rudacille made a nice pass down the line. Kimmons was caught off guard allowing the first Moss Builders’ goal.

Implementing the three-line rule, teammates are required to touch a long pass before it crosses the third critical line down the court.

After a near own-goal by Moss Builders, Brandon Sato shot the Moss team’s second goal of the game. Moss followed two minutes later with another ball in the net, pushing the score to 3-0.

The Moss Builders team put its fourth goal on the board less than three minutes later.

Miles Moss worked with his team on the court allowing big brother Mason a clear shot over everyone’s heads for the team’s fifth goal.

Mason Moss hit another perfect shot for the final point of the match with a little more than four minutes left in the game, to end with the score 6-0.

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