Hayward Cup champions crowned

Hayward Cup champions crowned
Gulfview Windows and Doors, Hayward Cup champions. Pictured left to right, Ashley Friszman, Jose Urbiola Bolanos, Aaron Parkin, Jordan DeMers, Ed Moss, Keith Mahoney, Ryan Moss and PJ Smargisso. - Monica Simpson | Sun

The spring 2019 adult co-ed soccer season came to a close last Thursday night June 27 with three spectator-pleasing games. With the inevitable back-to-back games leading to the battle for the Hayward Cup, all four teams in the semifinals had to give it their all hoping to have enough left to win the final game of the season.

In the first game of the night, first seed Team Gulfview Windows and Doors met up against Jiffy Lube, the fourth seed coming into the playoffs. The play in regulation time ended with the score at 6-6, taking the game to a shootout.

With Sean Flynn in the goal for Team Jiffy Lube, Gulfview’s Keith Mahoney made the first shot. Omar Polar followed with a goal of his own against Jordan DeMers for Gulfview.

Team Captain Ryan Moss’s shot went wide of the post giving Jiffy Jube a chance to make the go-ahead shot. Ricky Anderson’s laser focus strike hit the net.

Aaron Parkin made Flynn go the wrong way, making easy work of his shot, tying the goal count. Looking for the go-ahead point, Jiffy Lube’s Emily Argeros missed her shot opening the door for Jose Urbiola Bolanos of Gulfview.

Bolanos’ shot sailed into the goal after hitting the hands of keeper Flynn. Jiffy Lube’s captain Danny Anderson drilled his shot into the post missing the shot.

A late addition to the Gulfview team, PJ Smargisso sealed the deal for his team with a successful strike, putting the team into the first championship slot.

Although with less scoring, the second semifinal game also finished in a shootout with the score after 50 minutes of play 1-1. Fifth seed Team Flynn Law, playing without Sean Flynn, started on defense with Mark Rudacille at the net attempting to stop the shot of Team Beach House Real Estate’s team captain Kris Yavalar. Yavalar started the final shots off with a goal.

Flynn Law’s Tyler Robinson took his position to make his strike against Cliff Powell. Robinson’s shot soared away from the goal.

David Greene, for Beach House, and Flynn Law’s Lexi Sato both made their shots. Ryley Moore missed the next shot for Team Beach House, and Flynn Law’s captain, Kevin Roman, made his tying goal.

Nick Bouchard had perfect placement with his shot and Olaf Krause’s shot went off of Powell’s hand right into the net.

With even goals, Beach House Real Estate’s Adam Bujarski put in the winning shot, despite Rudacille’s goal attempt, moving his team to the final match-up for the league title.

The game for the cup started with 23 minutes on the scoreboard and Beach House Real Estate with the first touch of the soccer ball. Six minutes into the game, Parkin found Moss down the field providing the opportunity for a cross to Ashley Friszman, who scored the first goal of the game.

After a misstep on the field leading to a penalty kick, Yavalar took and made the shot, tying the soccer game.

Moss made a beautiful shot with eight minutes left in the first half that went right into the arms of goalie Powell. Moore hit his shot for Beach House starting the back and forth scoring battle.

Gulfview Windows and Doors’ Mahoney tied the game with a free kick with less than one minute on the scoreboard.

The scoring of the second half of the game started with Beach House’s Bouchard with a little more than 16 minutes on the clock. Parkin’s tying shot, making the score 3-3, brought excitement to the crowd that was looking for another shootout finish.

Gulfview prevented that outcome with a strong run by Parkin to move the soccer ball to the Beach House end of the field, giving Mahoney another scoring opportunity.

Mahoney’s goal was soon followed by teammate Parkin’s score, giving their team a two-goal lead.

A strong defense kept Beach House from taking a shot, earning Gulfview Windows and Doors the ultimate league prize, the Paul “Ace” Hayward Cup, giving Moss his first championship in several years.

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