Youth indoor soccer teams battle at The Center

Youth indoor soccer teams battle at The Center
The advance youth indoor soccer players took to the court at The Center last Tuesday night with AMI Locals battling Ugly Grouper. - Monica Simpson | Sun

Getting out of the heat of the summer, The Center’s gym is filled with soccer enthusiasts to play and watch indoor soccer Island style. With the Ross Built Construction boards up and the stage occupied by fans and players, the fuzzy yellow soccer ball whizzed across the court last Tuesday night.

Team Ugly Grouper matched up against Team AMI Locals in a game that ended in a tie after 40 minutes of fast-paced action.

The scoring started with a goal by Savanah Coba for AMI Locals just one minute into play. The team quickly took possession of the soccer ball to put another shot into the net, giving AMI Locals a two-point lead.

Without goalies in the game, the defense in the indoor soccer league has to play tough to protect its house. Both teams effectively utilized one player as a quasi-goalie, unable to use their hands in play.

Jayden Sparks scored a goal for Ugly Grouper putting the score to 2-1.

Coba took a nice shot only to be stopped by Jack Whiteside, Ugly Grouper’s goalie.

Newly added player Carsyn Deligans, visiting the Island for the season, showed the players and spectators she is a force to be reckoned with on the indoor soccer arena with the first of three goals in the game.

Utilizing their feet, heads and the walls, the two advanced teams fought hard for possession and position. The score moved closer after an own goal for AMI Locals.

With the score 3-2, a one-point lead for AMI Locals, the game headed into half time.

AMI Locals started the second half of play with a kickback to a defensive teammate. Evan Talucci, with Team AMI Locals, showed why he was named Goalie of the Year in the previous soccer season – this time playing without the use of his hands.

Will Wright scored his first goal of the game with Talucci just a little too far away from the net.

An accidental handball by Team Ugly Grouper allowed a direct penalty kick by Jack Harrison to hit the net and tie the game at 4-4.

Deligans scored another goal, once again giving her team the lead. Angelina Albrecht tried to close the gap with a shot saved by Talucci.

With 10 minutes left on the scoreboard clock, Albrecht took another shot, this time against Deligans who blocked the shot.

A minute later, Ugly Grouper tied it back up. Dalton Fox took the soccer ball down the court until there was one man to beat. Fox took the shot and scored for AMI Locals.

Jackson Long brought the game back to an even score, getting a strike past Talucci.

Albrecht and Long worked together, using the boards to move the ball into scoring position. Victor Albrecht took his own shot that went just right of the post.

Hoping to regain the lead and end the game with a win, Deligans showed an incomparable hustle and skilled footwork.

Deligans’ first shot sailed right of the post. Her next shot was blocked by Whiteside. As the clocked ticked down, Whiteside maintained the tie for his team with another save on the Deligans strike, ending the game with the score 6-6.

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