Commission candidates weigh in on noise

Commission candidates weigh in on noise
Holmes Beach Commissioners Jayne Christenson and Jim Kihm, along with resident Nancy Deal, joined candidate Renee Ferguson for a little sign waving in Holmes Beach. - Submitted | Renee Ferguson

HOLMES BEACH – The November election is almost upon us and five candidates are competing for three seats on the city commission. To help Holmes Beach voters make an informed decision at the polls, The Sun asked each candidate to express their opinion on several issues facing the city. Here, candidates answer the question “How do you feel about noise in residential neighborhoods?”

Renee Ferguson

“Noise continues to be a concern for our city. We have had excellent discussions on this subject in regular commission meetings and work sessions. Our city has been successful in implementing some valuable ideas suggested by both commissioners and residents. We are a resort destination and suffer some of the same pains as other resort cities and can look to them for ideas. I am convinced that as long as we continue to listen to our residents and resort housing managers and work together, we will make further progress on resolving this issue to improve quality of life.”

John Monetti

“I would preface my response with the recognition that I do not have all the current information available since I currently am not a city commissioner. My feelings on the topics reflect topical knowledge though I do stay abreast of these issues as an interested resident. Noise is an issue that has been divisive for decades. It is a subject that lends itself to having certain folks never being satisfied. I would be more inclined to be centrally positioned. We have codes that can be utilized to create compromise.”

Pat Morton

“Unfortunately, the only issue we are really having is daytime noise of children swimming in pools. These families may someday be our residents. I do not believe in ticketing children in pools. A friendly visit by code compliance seems to do the trick.”

Terry Schaefer

“This subject has been studied for in excess of six months and recently acted upon by passage of an amended ordinance providing the Code Compliance and Police Departments further tools to regulate the issue. In addition, I suggested and the commission unanimously approved retention of our magistrate hearing attorney to research defendable methods utilized by other Florida communities proven to be effective addressing nuisance properties. The results will be submitted to the commission and staff for consideration within the forum of open meetings allowing for public input. Our departments responsible for monitoring and enforcing these measures have done an effective job addressing the issue with a spirit of fairness and protection to neighbors while educating visitors to the rules of conduct required. Excessive and repeating violating properties are well known by staff with additional efforts extended, in order to maintain compliance and hopefully harmony between residents and visitors. When citations and fines are warranted, they are issued.”

Carol Soustek

“Respect for each other is key. Renters and residents love the Island and just want to be here for as long as they can. Islanders want to show off their paradise and visitors wish they lived here. For the most part, I see a good balance on the noise and we have very good practices and laws in place to handle any overly happy visitors.”

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