All share the burden

This letter was originally sent to the Holmes Beach Mayor and City Commission.

Mayor & Commissioners,

I read in the paper there is discussion regarding increasing your stormwater fees. I was the mayor when this was implemented. It was a long year-long study, public hearings, etc. that was very painful. I am sure your staff has gotten an updated study per the laws to justify that this increase is necessary.

When we implemented it, we had the same people that want a decrease in the fees as you are hearing now. The school, churches (they don’t pay taxes), etc… All of the groups that are complaining about the increase today are the ones we told that ALL contribute to our stormwater runoff. Golf courses and fertilizer, churches, large businesses all have impervious surfaces that run stormwater or irrigation into our drains and then into the bay.

If you’re going to give discounts to some, then don’t increase your fees, as it appears you may not need it even though I know you do. Stay strong on behalf of our city and the pollution we run into the bay and Gulf and the need of improving our swales and drainage.

ALL should pay, even though it is rough for all of us. The residential property owners should not foot the bill, we all should.

Carol Whitmore

Holmes Beach