Youth flag football winners play through cold for victory

In the bitter winter cold that hit the island last Friday night, five teams in the youth flag football program at The Center finished the week undefeated.

Going into week four of play, MuniPlan and Hashmark Sports find themselves with no losses in the 14- to 17-year-old league. Team Killer Bait suffered one loss after completing three games, giving them a 2-1 record.

MuniPlan had a bye week, while Hashmark Sports easily got their second win of the season against Gulf Drive Café.

Hashmark Sports’ defense dominated with five interceptions by Shawn Balvin and Nate and Noah Costello. Noah’s interception resulted in a pick six.

Nate Costello nabbed a touchdown reception. Teammate Chance Hayward caught three TD passes.

In the 11- to 13-year-old league, Progressive Cabinetry is the only remaining undefeated team with two wins in the season. Playing their third game last week, Team Solid Rock Construction ended with 2-1 in the record books, with a loss against Progressive Cabinetry.

Despite the loss, Solid Rock’s Luke Winsper had two sacks in the game and Jack Mattick scored twice with a run and reception.

The point after made by Progressive Cabinetry was the difference in the close and well-fought game that ended with the score of 12-13.

Progressive’s Matthew Hennesey passed for one touchdown to Kenneth Nieding. Luke Bowes scored on the ground with a rushing TD and made the critical extra point for his team.

HSH Designs and Diamond Turf finished the night with no losses also with the 2-0 record. Moss Builders got their second win in the season putting their record at 2-1.

With the night off, HSH Designs’ wins in the first two weeks put them in good company with Diamond Turf.

Diamond Turf beat the Rays Ramblings squad by 32 points. Two interceptions returned for touchdowns by Maddox Culhane and Carson Clover contributed to the team’s win. Culhane’s scoring included two rushing touchdowns, one catch for points, and an extra point.

Clover also scored with receiving and rushing yards on top of his interception.

Jack McCarthy threw for Rays Ramblings only score. His target was Kellan Hunt who also had an interception in the game.

Five more regular season weeks of play still remain, making it anyone’s season to win.

Sun Scoreboard

Tuesday, Jan. 21
Youth Flag Football

Eight- to 10-Year-Old League

Beach Bums 29

Swordfish Grill & Tiki Bar 6


Diamond Turf 38

Rays Ramblings 6


Cool Today 32

Moss Builders 33

11- to 13-Year-Old League

Solid Rock Construction 12

Progressive Cabinetry 13


Slim’s Place 26

Ugly Grouper 24

14- to 17-Year-Old League

Killer Bait 29

Ugly Grouper 18


Hashmark Sports 31

Gulf Drive Café 0