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HOLMES BEACH – City voters will have a lot more decisions to make with their votes in November than choosing which of the four commission candidates to elect to the city commission dais.

There will be eight questions on the ballot in November. Each question was developed by members of the city’s Charter Review Commission and, if approved, will alter the city’s charter, a document outlining how the city should operate and goals for the future. Each question is answered by the choice of a simple “yes” or “no.”

The proposed charter amendments are:

  • Consolidating the legal description of the city located in Charter Article II into one legal description.
  • Adding language to Article III to further restrict the use of city-owned or controlled property to require an ordinance approved by both a super-majority vote of the city commission and a referendum placed on a general election ballot to sell, vacate, convey, transfer or abandon city-owned real property and rights of way.
  • Amend Article III to add language to the charter to allow city commissioners to vote on budget amendments by resolution rather than ordinance provided that funds are already appropriated and the amendment doesn’t exceed $100,000.
  • Delete the specific reference in Article IV that establishes charter officers in city government and require city commissioners to concur on the termination of a department head.
  • Clarify the scope and responsibilities of the city treasurer in Article VI to exclude the preparation of audited financial statements. The city’s annual audited financial statements are currently prepared by an independent CPA.
  • Delete Article IX – Building and Public Works Department from the charter entirely, removing it as a charter-required department and preventing future building officials from being placed in a charter position.
  • Remove Article X – Human Resources from the charter entirely. This would remove the Human Resources Specialist position from the list of city charter positions.
  • Transfer some of the city clerk’s election duties to the Manatee County Supervisor of Elections, specifically the filing of a notice of candidacy for elected officials and the mayor. If approved, this would require candidates for elected offices to apply directly with the Manatee County Supervisor of Elections Office rather than with the city clerk at Holmes Beach City Hall.

City commissioners recently passed an ordinance that moved some of the city clerk’s election duties to the Supervisor of Elections Office, however, voters need to agree on the measure in order to change it in the city charter.

Holmes Beach voters will go to the polls Nov. 5.

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