Freckled Fin takes the win in three games over ACE Hardware

Freckled Fin takes the win in three games over ACE Hardware
Freckled Fin’s John Coleman put a nice finishing touch on the volleyball during last week’s game against ACE Hardware. - Monica Simpson | Sun

With the close of youth flag football, all of the focus is on adult flag football and adult volleyball. The hardcourt saw week five regular-season action with team Freckled Fin paired up against team ACE Hardware.

Freckled Fin dominated the first game with a strong service game by Sean McCarthy and perfect sets by John Coleman and Colleen McCarthy. Teammate Nate Talucci shut down long rallies with perfect placement over the net time and time again.

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Mackenzie Kosfeld, for ACE Hardware, prepares for the set during last Tuesday’s adult volleyball game against Freckled Fin. – Monica Simpson | Sun

Mackenzie Kosfeld showed her volleyball talents along with Jenna Duvall for ACE Hardware. Finding their groove in the first game, after some long strikes and miss-hits, Team ACE Hardware fought the good fight in the second game, leading most of the battle to take the win.

To start the second game, Duvall was in the service area and immediately put four points on the scoreboard with her serving prowess.

The scoring stayed tight the entire game where mistakes made the difference. Another miss-hit by ACE Hardware gave Freckled Fin’s Oskar Coba the scoring opportunity taking the score to 20-16.

In turn, the perfect serve by Kosfeld resulted in a long return by Coba.

To end the second game of the night, ACE’s perfect serve could not be returned by Coleman, taking the match to the third and final game.

Rally scoring in the league lends itself to lots of volleyball action on Tuesday nights at The Center. In the tiebreaking game, first to 15 wins.

The final game was close with great play on both sides of the net. Freckled Fin’s Mike Kaleta and Susie Quinby provided much-needed team support and strong hits. The ACE Hardware team just got a little too far behind to make the comeback they needed to take the match, losing by five points.

The playoff and championship games are scheduled for Tuesday, March 26 starting at 6:30 p.m.

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