Burglary in Holmes Beach

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HOLMES BEACH – The suspect in a Thursday afternoon burglary is still at large, according to Holmes Beach Police Chief Bill Tokajer.

Police are searching for a white male seen around 2 p.m. June 28 in the 500 block of 75th Street wearing a painter’s mask to cover the bottom portion of his face. Tokajer said his department is working with the Manatee County Sheriff’s Office violent crimes division to apprehend the man. Det. Sgt. Brian Hall is investigating for the HBPD.

At around 1:58 p.m. on Thursday, June 28 an unidentified female homeowner returned to her 75th Street home after lunching with friends. She found the suspect in her master bedroom attempting to rob the home. The robber attacked the homeowner, whom Tokajer said fought back. The man fled the premises. The homeowner was taken to an area hospital where she’s expected to be released later in the day June 29 or on June 30. Tokajer said she suffered facial bruising and fractured bones from the attack.

Anyone with information about the attack is encouraged to contact the HBPD at 941-778-COPS (2677). Property owners with home surveillance systems in the 75th Street area also are encouraged to contact the police to see if their systems could have caught a glimpse of the suspect entering or leaving the area.

With the suspect still at-large, the HBPD asks that everyone make sure to secure their properties while at home and away. Residents and visitors should make sure all doors and windows are locked, garage doors are secure and valuables are kept out of plain sight to discourage any would-be robbers from attempting to enter the home. Anyone with a home surveillance or alarm system should make sure the systems are engaged when residents are away from the premises.

If you observe any suspicious activity in your area, please contact the HBPD.