61.3 F
Anna Maria Island, FL
Monday, March 19, 2018
Sean Murphy

Election Day

It is election time on our island. We should be grateful that there are good and honest people running and that our island elections...
Sean Murphy

The Bee’s Knees

The Bee’s Knees. The first time I drove in Ireland, I had my son as a co-pilot. Every time I pulled onto the road he...
Sean Murphy

Absinthe, the green fairy and tulips

I think we should run absinthe for president. Everybody loves absinthe. The absinthe fan club reads like an A-list of intellectuals and artists from the last...
Sean Murphy

Tequila madness

I was young and foolish. It was an evening of bad decisions. The first bad decision was to drink tequila. Salt-tequila-lemon, salt-tequila-lemon, salt-tequila-lemon. As is often the case...
Sean Murphy

Hurricane Cuisine – advisories

I hate hurricanes. I am not crazy about the word cuisine. But I am going to take credit for inventing Hurricane Cuisine. Cuisine is a French word...
Sean Murphy

The Beach Bistro’s Beard House adventure

August is a good month to stay inside in the AC with memories. Some of the Bistro’s richest are our August memories of preparing for...
Sean Murphy

Grumpy Lady and Wasabi Guy

I am in the business of making people happy, of creating memorable evenings for people celebrating special days in their lives. It is the...
Sean Murphy

Bar Talk… “Warm Florida Coats”

Bartenders are listeners. You sit at the bar. You drink. The Bartender listens. The topics can be tricky. The patron’s ex-wife. This one is real tricky. The bartender has...
Sean Murphy

Tales of a craft cocktail bar

People ask me if my mom taught me to cook. Mom was a strict adherent to the Irish cooking maxim, “Take everything that walks, swims...