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Castles in the Sand

Castles in the Sand

Million-dollar sales

House styles are not that much different than fashion styles. What’s in fashion for housing may not change every year, but it does change...
Castles in the Sand

New cash for the new year

We’re 10 days into the new year, and although November seems like hundreds of miles away in our rear-view mirrors, it’s actually not. There...
Castles in the Sand

Is the mortgage tax deduction doomed?

Have you heard that the Trump administration and Congress are trying to get some level of tax reform accomplished? If you haven’t, you’re either...
Castles in the Sand

Commissions not always what they seem

I had a mother who would negotiate anything from a batch of tomatoes to a living room sofa. It was the culture she grew...

Jumbo loans, jumbo prices

In the market for a high-end property, say over $1 million? You’ll have no shortage of choices on Anna Maria Island based on my...