Letter to the Editor: Perseverance comes with a price

The treehouse saga has gone on for 10 years. The Trans certainly are deserving of a perseverance award for what many consider their insane struggle against the government. Personally, I thought the treehouse added to the Holmes Beach landscape and Old Florida charm that used to exist on Anna Maria Island, and why my wife and I moved here in 1991.

While I’m on the topic of perseverance, I would be remiss if I didn’t give a personal award. That would have to go to Kim Rash and his dedicated group who have fought a tireless fight to improve Holmes Beach residents’ quality of life. It was a continuous struggle, but they persevered, with Kim ultimately getting elected to the Holmes Beach commission in landslide elections. Along the way they were constantly subjected to deep undeserved (I might add) antagonism, scorn and even ridicule. Yet, they persevered at great expense to their family life and well-being. Keep up the good fight, Kim.


Bob McCaffrey