Monday, January 21, 2019
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Ducks at Perico Preserve

Duck hunters fire back against critics

BRADENTON - Duck hunters say they have just as much legal right to enjoy their favorite outdoor recreation as the people who use Perico...
Ducks at Perico Preserve

Residents sound off on duck hunting

MANATEE COUNTY – County commissioners heard the first volley of complaints from residents about duck hunting near county preserves bordering neighborhoods at a land...
mottled ducks

Duck hunting spreads to Neal Preserve

PERICO ISLAND – Perico Preserve, a bird sanctuary, is not the only county preserve where duck hunters are shooting easy prey. Since duck hunting season...

Hunters have bird lovers crying ‘foul’ at Perico Preserve

PERICO PRESERVE – It’s a cool, sunny, Thanksgiving weekend day and you’re walking along the path at Perico Preserve looking at the butterflies and...