Wednesday, September 18, 2019
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Holmes Beach city field update map

City field improvements get the green light

HOLMES BEACH – A new plan is on the table for the city field complex and commissioners are ready to start seeing progress made...
Holmes Beach city field third base

New plans emerge for city field

HOLMES BEACH – Though commissioners didn’t approve City Engineer Lynn Burnett’s entire layout for the city field complex, they did combine her plan and...
Holmes Beach city field proposal

Dog park users concerned with city field improvements

HOLMES BEACH – New plans are emerging from city engineer Lynn Burnett for a master plan to remodel the existing city field complex and...
holmes beach city field proposal

New concept emerges for city field remodel

HOLMES BEACH – City Engineer Lynn Burnett has a new plan for city field and it’s one that commissioners are more willing to get...
City Field makeover

City Field could get big makeover

HOLMES BEACH – The budget process is underway in Holmes Beach, and one thing for commissioners to consider is the possibility of a complete...