Place a Classified Ad

Classified Advertising Rates

These rates apply for both online and print editions of the SUN.

  • $10 for 21 words or less
  • Add 50 cents per additional words
  • Add $3 for a box around the ad. With the online edition, the “box” is a line above and another line below the ad.
  • Add 20 cents per word for BOLD letters in the first few words of text.
  • Add $5 for a color background.  Choose: Orange, Blue, Yellow or Green
Put your ad in the Sun, both in print and online.  It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3.  
1) Fill in the required fields, choose your options, and write your ad.  Then press the “Submit Your Classified Ad Request” button. It may spin for a while, but please send only once.
2) We’ll get back to you at the email address you submitted with your exact price, date it will start running, and a link where you can make a payment
3) Go to the link and make your payment.  We do the rest!
Of course, you can always call us if you prefer at 941-778-3986.

IMPORTANT:  Please use the name that appears on your payment method, so we can properly credit your payment.  Businesses, please complete the “business name” field.  Thanks!

Add a box around your ad? (optional)
NOTE: With the online edition, the "box" is a line above and another line below the ad.