Thursday, February 27, 2020
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Louise Bolger writes about real estate in Castles in the Sand.
Castles in the Sand

Why are you moving?

One of the first things we ask when a friend or relative decides to move is, "Why are you moving?" That’s a question that...
Castles in the Sand

We’re Americans; we borrow

Americans are very comfortable with debt, whether its household debt or government debt. And apparently, rising interest rates aren’t making any difference in our...
Castles in the Sand

Who’s entitled to title insurance?

As discussed last week, everyone needs homeowner's insurance and an adequate amount. And of course, if you own a vehicle you need insurance on...
Castles in the Sand

Are you underinsured?

My least favorite topic to talk about and write about is homeowners' insurance. I’m not much for burying my head in the sand, but...
Castles in the Sand

Home sales declining, but not here

As reported at the end of July, U.S. growth exceeded 4 percent, the fastest since 2014. Nevertheless, even this great economic news isn’t helping...
Castles in the Sand

Management of condominium associations

To say that condominium and homeowner association living is a big part of the Florida lifestyle would be a massive understatement. Condo living offers...
Castles in the Sand

The fastest way to kill a sale

Your beautiful, perfectly updated and decorated Island house is on the market. You have a pool, it's within walking distance to the beach and...
Castles in the Sand

Property values, taxes always hot topics

Summer cocktail parties are one of the staples of the nice warm summer months, sometimes too warm. But whether you’re on the beach, on...
Castles in the Sand

Where have all the houses gone?

For a very long time now, those involved in the real estate market have been moaning about the lack of inventory. There are buyers...
Castles in the Sand

Preparing your home for sale

William Morris was an English textile designer who was part of the Arts and Crafts movement in the late 1800s. One of his famous...
Castles in the Sand

Mortgages ain’t what they used to be

The end of the super low mortgage interest rates has just about arrived. From a low of 3.31 percent for a fixed rate, conventional...
Castles in the Sand

Let the sunshine in

The Broadway musical “Hair” broke many barriers with its revolutionary nude scene and treatment of sexuality and drugs in 1968. But what I remember...
Castles in the Sand

Taxes and second homes

By now, every homeowner should have had time to assess their tax position based on the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 effective...
Castles in the Sand

A bridge too far?

What now? After more than two decades of discussions about the pros and cons of a tall, fixed-span bridge connecting the mainland with Anna...
Castles in the Sand

A real estate plateau

There is a word that no one who follows an active real estate market wants to hear, and that word is "plateauing." What does...