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Vol. 17 No. 35 - June 14, 2017


Team Moss Builders continues to look for first win

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monica simpson | SUN

Jessica Williams, of Team Murlock Flynn Law, received
the soccer ball at her feet with tight defensive pressure
by Team Acqua Aveda's Tyler Pullen.


The Island rains let up last week, just in time for adult co-ed soccer Thursday night at The Center. The early evening sun continued to heat up the field as the men and women of the league kicked off the fifth week of play.

After four games, the leader of the league, Sato Real Estate, remained undefeated, and Moss Builders is still seeking the season's first victory for the team. Little movement occurred in the middle of the pack standing. Lancaster Design fell to fifth, while Acqua Aveda moved up a slot in the rankings.

With a final score that looks more like a flag football score, team captain Josh Sato and Team Sato Real Estate made it look easy against Team Ross Built. Lead scorer in the game, Jake Parsons put four balls into the goal. Kevin Roman scored three of his own, while Sato, Chris Klotz, Chelsea Hoffner and Lyn Clark all scored for their team.

Missing three critical players, Ross Built's Chris Culhane managed to elude Sato Real Estate goalkeeper, Jordan Demers, scoring twice ending the game with the score 14-2.

Playing without their big man and captain, Sean Flynn, Team Mulock Flynn Law hustled and played hard against Team Acqua Aveda to only come up short after two halves of play. Cortni Wash put the only point up on the scoreboard for Mulock Flynn Law.

James Lynch and Ray Gardner both settled two in the net, with a single goal by team captain Eric Pullen to finish the game 5-1, moving Acqua Aveda past Lancaster Design in the league with two games left in the regular season.

Lancaster Design's third loss of the season came from team captain Kris Yavalar and the rest of Team Anna Maria CrossFit. Angela Wiles hit her two goals in the game. Teammates Camel Duzgun and BJ Grant each scored one of their own.

Keeping the score close, captain Frank Agnelli score another goal in the season, as did Andre Lewis, ending the game with the score of 4-2.

Team Moss Builders, whose roster does not have a single member of the Moss family on it, lost its fifth straight game of the season to Team Slim's Place. Goals by Lexi Sato and Nate Talucci cannot go unwritten.

Struggling with injuries and missing players, Moss Builders hopes that the end of the season and playoffs will put some victories on the stat sheets.

Clinching the win, with the score 5-2, Mike and Nikki Kaleta, along with Aaron Parkin, each scored a goal in the game for Slim's Place. Yrovi Moreira sailed two by Moss Builders' keeper Shawn McCarthy.

Two games left on the regular schedule still can result in significant changes in the league standings before playoffs start at the end of June, leading to the championship game on July 6. It is still any team's season.

Sun Scoreboard

Thursday, June 8

Adult Co-Ed Soccer

#1 Sato Real Estate 14
#6 Ross Built Construction 2

#7 Mulock Flynn Law 1
#4 Acqua Aveda 5

#3 Anna Maria CrossFit 4
#5 Lancaster Design 2

#2 Slim's Place 5
#8 Moss Builders 3

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