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Vol. 14 No. 46 - September 10, 2014


Sensational soccer

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ERIN VOGEL | submitted

Danny Burton, of Jesse's Island Store, scores a goal
against Agnelli Pool & Spas while flying through the air.

The adult co-ed spring soccer season comes to a climatic conclusion this week at the Anna Maria Island Community Center.

The soccer buzz is all over the world right now due to the FIFA World Cup in soccer. The most popular sport on planet earth has fans reeling and soccer fans on the Island are no different. What a perfect time for the conclusion of the Center’s adult soccer season.

Upsets were prevalent in last week’s first round of the playoffs. Three out of the four tournament playoff games were won by the underdog seeded team. Again this shows the parity of the Center’s drafting system in the sports leagues and how any team can win on any given night.

The first game of the tournament set the tone for the night when the number eight seeded Slim’s Place Team defeated the powerhouse number one seeded Jessie’s Island Store Team in a spectacular finale shootout. The game went to an end of regulation time tie 3 to 3. In tournament play, there must be a winner so it went to an overtime shootout.

For the Slim’s Place Team, Danny Anderson, Zach Gilliund and PJ Smargisso all scored regulation time goals. For the Jessie’s Island Store Team, Danny Burton scored all three goals in regulation time for his team.

In the shootout, Slim’s Place pulled off the upset victory and outscore the Jessie’s Island Store team by score of 3 to 2 and pulled off one of the biggest upset victories in a Center soccer tournament. Danny Anderson, Erin Vogel and Shawn Wampole all scored shootout goals for the Slim’s Place victory. Danny Burton and Aaron Parkin scored the two shootout goals for the Jessie’s team.

The number eight seeded Slim’s Place team will look to continue its Cinderella story on Wednesday night when it takes on the number five seeded Sato Real Estate team.

The sensational spring soccer season will conclude on Thursday night and cap off with the final championship game at 8 p.m. and the All-Star game before it at 7 pm.

Adult Co-Ed Soccer Results

Island Pest Control  2
Beach to Bay Construction  1

Eric Pullen and Andrew Turman each scored a goal apiece, and Ray Gardner had 10 saves in goal for the number two seeded Island Pest Control first round tournament win. Damir Glavan scored the only goal for the number seven seeded Beach to Bay Construction team, and Rico Beisert had 17 saves in goal.

Agnelli Pool & Spas  4
LaPensee Plumbing & Pools  1

Alisha Keene scored two goals. Chris Klotz and Matt Kretzman each scored one goal apiece, and Frank Agnelli had five saves in goal for the number six seeded Agnelli Pool & Spas first round tournament victory. Tyler Krauss scored the only goal for the number three seeded LaPensee Plumbing & Pools team, and Aaron Dudukes had 12 saves in goal.

Sato Real Estate  3
Ross Built Construction  1

Josh Burnet scored two goals. Matt Plummer scored one goal and Jason Sato had 11 saves in goal for the number five seeded Sato Real Estate team first round tournament win. Adam Bujarski scored the only goal for the number four seeded Ross Built Construction team, and Scott Rudacille had 10 saves.

Adult Basketball Results

Duncan Real Estate  64
Gator Man Pools  61

The Feast restaurant  65
Bug Guys  50

The Island Sun  95
Island Gourmet  72

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