Vol. 14 No. 37 - July 9, 2014


Fewer illegal fireworks light AMI beaches

ANNA MARIA – A portable roadside sign flashed its message last week that fireworks would be confiscated might have convinced some people to forego their own fireworks and watch the shows at the BeachHouse restaurant on Thursday, July 3 and the Sandbar on the Fourth of July.

Sgt. Paul Davis, head of the Manatee County Sheriff’s Office in Anna Maria reported hearing fewer amateur fireworks this year than last. More...

Now THAT was a big parade

They came by ship to take over the Island, their cannons blazing, with fire in their eyes and rum on their breath.

The Anna Maria Island Privateers were celebrating the nation’s birthday with a string of people behind them, throwing beads and waving.

It was an annual invasion and no prisoners were taken, although some 13 students took home treasure to help pay for their educations. More...

Anna Maria Island Sun News StoryCongestion committee to present parking plan

HOLMES BEACH – Congestion committee members said they would move forward on presenting their plan for banning parking on residential streets to city commissioners at the July 22 work session.

“Seventy-five percent of my neighbors are in favor of the proposal,” member Jayne Christenson said and added that she met individually with each city commissioner and four out of five support the plan. More...

Anna Maria Island Sun News StoryChange continues in clerk’s office

BRADENTON BEACH – The shake up inside the Bradenton Beach clerk’s office continues.

On Monday morning, former Administrative Assistant Terri Sanclemente returned to her former workplace, having been rehired as an independent contractor, working on a six-month contract approved by the city commission last week.

On Thursday, Deputy Clerk and acting City Clerk Tammy Johnson tendered her resignation, effective at week’s end, however, she will be on the payroll until Aug. 22 due to vacation and personal time. More...

Anna Maria Island Sun News StoryNew vice mayor named

BRADENTON BEACH – Jack Clarke is the new vice mayor of Bradenton Beach.

During last week’s meeting, commissioners revisited the December appointment of Janie Robertson in an effort to correct a past procedural error, while also addressing a potential Sunshine Law violation alleged by attorney Robert Lincoln.

Robertson remains a member of the commission, and alleged Sunshine violations aside, has been accused of no wrongdoing. More...

Center to present budget to community

ANNA MARIA – The Island Community Center board of directors will hold its second public meeting on Monday, July 14, at 6:30 p.m. to present the 2014-15 budget, growth strategy and new board members to the community and respond to questions.

Executive Director Dawn Stiles said the board met on Tuesday, July 1, to approve the budget, which shows revenue of $981,047 and expenses of 937,138, for a net gain of $43,909. More...

Anna Maria Island Sun News StoryVisiting youth holds center fund-raiser

ANNA MARIA – Destiny Shepperson, 10, who is visiting her grandmother, Roser Church Administrator Bev Shepperson, for a month this summer has been enjoying her time at the Island Community Center so much that she decided to hold a fund-raiser for it.

“I went to Gordon’s Market and saw a fund-raiser,” Destiny explained. “I thought about the Community Center and remembered that they need help with money.”

Destiny said she told Education Director Kathy Bogat about her idea, and Bogat checked with Executive Director Dawn Stiles, who approved it. More...

Decibel levels still in question

HOLMES BEACH – When they couldn’t agree on a decibel level for their new draft noise ordinance, Police Chief Bill Tokajer suggested that city commissioners take a field trip to the Barefoot Tiki Bar and then to homes on Flotilla Drive.

“Me giving you a decibel number doesn’t tell you how loud it is,” he pointed out, adding that when he measured it at 60 at the bar, it was 50 at the gazebo in the field by Flotilla Drive. More...


Anna Maria Island Sun News StoryGrassy Point master plan presented to board

HOLMES BEACH – The city has developed a master plan for Grassy Point Preserve that addresses the concerns expressed by Florida Communities Trust in an April letter to the city.

The letter from Denise Rach, of FCT, said staff visited the preserve in February and the exotic removal requires follow-up treatment, the city must provide an as-built master site plan and it should install a directional sign on the main road to alert the public to the existence and location of the park. More...


Anna Maria Island Sun News Story DOA lures writers and guides

If you’re a savvy fisherman, you can’t help but be impressed with the DOA (Deadly on Anything) line of lures. The story behind the creation and evolution of the lures through the ingenuity and determination of the founder and designer is all the more remarkable. Mark Nichols didn't start DOA with seed money or a public offering. He started his company with an idea, the most rudimentary of materials and most importantly an indomitable spirit.

Oh, and yes, the fact that he had an affinity for finding and catching fish only added to the allure of the company’s amazing growth. Nichols doesn’t ask anglers to believe him, he shows them firsthand how his creations seduce fish. What started out as an idea for an artificial shrimp has blossomed into a multi-million dollar operation that has made believers out of some of the nation’s top anglers. More...

real estate

What’s going on in the market?

The real estate market is a living, breathing thing, and like all living things, sometimes it doesn’t do what we want or expect of it. But then again, sometimes it does and those are the moment we live for.

Last week the National Association of Realtors reported that sales of existing homes increased 4.9 percent in May from the previous month, but were down from last year. In addition, the median sale price of a home in May was up 5.1 percent from a year ago to $213,400 which sounds like progress, but it was actually the slowest annual gain since March 2012. Much of this slow down is attributed to increased interest rates, a harsh northern winter and generally a less than robust economy. More...


Anna Maria Island Sun News Story

Be mindful of risk

Investment Corner

In my last article here in the Sun, I made the case for why the stock market may move higher before a major correction. I also pointed out that rising bull markets usually don’t die of old age, but rather are killed by external factors, usually rising interest rates. In this article I would like to balance that optimistic view with some common sense advise on controlling risk.

The current bull market in stocks now ranks as the fourth longest without being interrupted by a new growling bear market. At 63 months, only bulls from 1921–1929, 1949–1956, and 1990–2000 have longer durations. The last one on the list was a super-bull lasting 117 months! More...

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