Vol. 13 No. 37 - July 10, 2013


Anna Maria Island Sun News StoryHuge parade, massive crowds

If the annual Fourth of July parade gets any bigger, we might have to call the networks.

It’s hard to impress your out-of-town friends and visitors with our quaint little parade when it gets this large, but some might consider this a good problem to have.

The parade was a mile-long chain of cars, trucks, golf carts and Segways inching up the Island with participants throwing beads and candy to the people on the side of the road. More...

Long Bar developer to address Cortez

CORTEZ – At the request of Save Our Bay activists – a group that includes FISH board member Linda Molto and former board member Joe Kane – Medallion Home CEO Carlos Beruff has agreed to participate in a Thursday, July 11, gathering that will provide Cortez and Anna Maria Island residents an opportunity to pose questions and learn more about the proposed Long Bar Pointe mixed-use development.

The proposed coastal project calls for the construction of more than 3,600 residential units, a 300-room hotel, a 300-berth marina, office buildings, a shopping center, retail space and a conference center along El Conquistador Parkway in Bradenton. More...

Anna Maria Island Sun News StoryRip current fatal to teen

ANNA MARIA – The Gulf of Mexico claimed the life of a 14-year-old Winter Haven boy on Saturday, July 6, around 5 p.m. after he lost his footing and was swept underwater by a rip current.

Dushay Nelson disappeared, and family members organized a search with the help of fellow swimmers in the Gulf around where Willow Avenue ends at the beach. More...

Sun columnist Jack Fones passes away at 96

John “Jack” Scott Fones, 96, of Keene, formerly of Holmes Beach, and New London, Conn. died on Saturday, June 29, 2013. He passed peacefully in his sleep at the Woodward Home in Keene. N. H.

Jack was born the son of the late Arline (Scott) and Byron A. Fones on June 21, 1917, in New London, Conn. He was educated in the New London schools and graduated from Nichols College class of 1937. More...

Tree house flyers cause a problem

HOLMES BEACH – Police Chief Bill Tokajer said he put tree house owners Lynn Tran and Richard Hazen on notice July 3 after receiving complaints about flyers being placed in residents’ mailboxes.

“We received complaints from Key Royale, and we put them on notice that it’s a violation of law and they must cease and desist,” Tokajer said. “The post office also got complaints.” More...

Anna Maria Island Sun News Story Water taxi study never implemented

HOLMES BEACH – Mayor Carmel Monti on several occasions has discussed a water taxi service as one way to relieve congestion on the Island’s roads.

Longboat Key Mayor Jim Brown sent a copy of a 2005 water taxi feasibility study done for the Sarasota/Manatee Metropolitan Planning Agency (MPO) to Monti and noted, "Haven't heard much about it since." More...

Smart phone users

Editor’s note: This column was written before a 14-year-old Winter Haven teen drowned Saturday in a rip current.

I see tens of thousands of people a year; almost all of them bring their communication devices to the beach. Question: Are you using your phone to its fullest potential? The weather on the Fourth was fair; the water on the Fourth was not. Heavy surf, high winds, and multiple rip currents forming kept the entire staff on the defensive. More...

Mayor gets estimate on field lighting

HOLMES BEACH – Mayor Carmel Monti sought an estimate for lighting the baseball and soccer fields after receiving an inquiry from the Island Community Center.

“They asked if we would ever consider it,” Monti explained. “They said they would like to be able to alternate fields with the ones at the Center.

“I said I would put together proposals and see what the community wants. We could go for grants or try and find funding for it.” More...


Anna Maria Island Sun News StoryFamily makes friends on Island

BRADENTON BEACH – The sky was getting darker as Craig Samuelson spoke poolside at Bayview condominiums. As he spoke, the sky started to rumble and he directed the kids out of the pool. There would be more swimming after the storm passed.

Samuelson was back on the Island on a well-deserved vacation. He and his family have seen a lot of Anna Maria Island over the past two decades. At first, it was with his wife, Mindi, and their three daughters, Angie, Laura and Sheena. Over time, as things evolved, the girls invited their friends and eventually brought boyfriends who turned into fiancés and then husbands. More...


Anna Maria Island Sun News Story Tarpon on the fly

The first sign of our quarry appeared far in the distance, as two dark shapes highlighted against the brilliant white sand slid into slightly deeper water and began following an edge that led to the back of Captain Rick Grassett’s anchored flats boat. Standing on the polling platform, I was the first to spot the two tarpon. When I was sure that’s what I was seeing, I called out the direction and distance to Grassett, who swung his rod to allow me to point them out. More...

real estate

Insurance – up, up and away

Here’s the definition of insurance, “The equitable transfer of the risk of a loss from one entity to another in exchange for payment." Sounds fair. You pay a third party to insure your property in the event that you have a loss. The only problem is that nothing is ever that simple.

At the end of June, Citizens, the state owned insurance of last resort, voted at its board meeting to increase rates by about 7.5 percent for next year. When approved by the state Office of Insurance Regulations, which will invariably happen, the standard “multi-peril” homeowner’s policy will increase on average $110 statewide and $150 in Sarasota and Manatee Counties. More...


Anna Maria Island Sun News StorySwimming in shells at Raders Reef

Walking along a beach is truly one of life’s pleasures. We’re drawn to the water not only for its beauty and serenity, but also because of the creatures that live within it, creatures whose unique outer layers become our treasurers.

As we know, shells found on the beach are the hard protective outer layer created by an animal that lives in the sea. But Holmes Beach has a place where you can find almost as many shells as the beach a few streets away, and it’s been there for a very long time. Raders Reef on Marina Drive is starting its 35th year in business and its owner, Beverly Chouinard, says its current location is only the second one in the life of this iconic shop. More...

Anna Maria Island Sun News Story

ETFs and ETNs – horses of a different color

Investment Corner

Exchange Traded Funds (aka ETFs) and Exchange Traded Notes (ETNs) appear to be very similar when viewed as prospective investment vehicles by the individual investor. Some important differences may never come into play, but should be understood before investing your capital.

First, let’s review the similarities. Both ETFs and ETNs are easily bought or sold on any day the financial markets are open for business. In other words, they offer a high level of liquidity if you need your money for some other purpose. More...


Anna Maria Island Sun News Story

New judge may hear BeachHouse case

BRADENTON BEACH – A plaintiff in the lawsuit challenging the BeachHouse restaurant’s beach parking lot said last week that plaintiffs plan to file a motion to remove Manatee Circuit Judge Janette Dunnigan from the case due to her acquaintance with Ed Chiles, owner of the BeachHouse.

Other conflicts of interest exist in the case, plaintiff Jo Ann Meilner said, including the fact that one of Bradenton Beach City Attorney Ricinda Perry’s clients is W.E.L.D. Inc., whose president is Chiles. More...


Anna Maria Island Sun News StorySummer leagues heat up

This week marks the beginning of the summer sports schedule of games for the Anna Maria Island Community Center. Four different leagues will begin the summer trip towards the glory of the championship trophies.

The kids this summer will escape the summer heat and play indoor soccer in the Center’s air conditioned gymnasium. A total of nine teams will be spread out into three age divisions ranging from 5 to 13 years old. Indoor soccer is a fast paced sport that gives each child plenty of touches on the ball and emphasizes ball control and passing. More...

Sprinting to the finish line

Feasting on Fitness

“Tell your publicist to send me your bio,” and a long list of requests follows. As my new book, “Kitchen Divided-Vegan Dishes for Semi-Vegan Households” just came out, I love incoming requests like this. But I can’t tell you how many times someone assumes I have a publicist.

My publisher told me once, “Welcome to the world of being a book author where so many authors find out that whole money-making idea is a huge myth. It takes decades to be an overnight success.” More...

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