Vol. 13 No. 33 - June 5, 2013


Anna Maria Island Sun News StoryCity makes noise about amplified music

HOLMES BEACH – Calling themselves the worst offender for allowing all day amplified rock music in the city hall park, commissioners agreed to completely overhaul the city’s noise ordinance.

“The ordinance is not consistent with the city park and other establishments and amplified and non-amplified music,” Mayor Carmel Monti pointed out. “For example, the decibel level in the park is 110 and across the street (at the Barefoot Tiki Bar) or one of the restaurants it is 60. We are the worst offender by allowing the park a decibel level double what we allow anywhere else.” More...

Anna Maria Island Sun News StoryTree house debuts on Today Show

HOLMES BEACH – The clear blue waves lapped at the white sandy beach in the background as the television cameras on the roof of Angelino’s Sea Lodge focused on Today Show correspondent Gabe Gutierrez perched in the tree house.

“This is not your ordinary kids’ playground,” he said for a segment that aired live on Today Thursday and later on MSNBC. “The couple who built it call it a work of art, but the city calls it a safety hazard. Now a major legal battle is underway.” More...

Mayor explains jump in professional fees

HOLMES BEACH – Mayor Carmel Monti said there are many variables to explain why the city’s professional fees are higher in the first six months of the 2012-13 budget than the entire budget for 2011-12.

“There are so many variables and unknowns that it is difficult to know what the final impact will be,” he said. “To date, we are under budget in the city and in every department, even with the accelerated legal fees.” More...

Outdoor dining added to parking change

Holmes Beach commissioners added outdoor dining to their ordinance increasing the number of parking spaces required for new restaurants, assembly halls and changes of use.

When City Planner Bill Brisson said the number of parking spaces would increase from one for five seats to one for three seats, Commissioner Judy Titsworth asked about adding outdoor dining to the ordinance. More...

Anna Maria Island Sun News Story PTO seeks to stall layoffs

HOLMES BEACH – The fight is on to save teaching jobs at Anna Maria Elementary School.

A contingency to the school’s PTO, headed by PTO Past President Monica Simpson, parent and Holmes Beach City Commissioner David Zaccagnino and parent Karen Riley-Love attended last Wednesday’s Soup with the Supe luncheon where they listened to Manatee County School Superintendent Rick Mills outline his financial recovery plan. More...

Anna Maria Island Sun News Story Chief recommends more crosswalks

HOLMES BEACH – Holmes Beach Police Chief Bill Tokajer recommended to commissioners that the city add crosswalks at the following streets:

• City line at Bradenton Beach
• 28th Street and Gulf Drive;
• 3200 block of East Bay Drive;
• 3900 block of East Bay Drive;
• Marina Drive and 59th Street;
• Marina Drive and 63rd Street;
• Palm and Clark drives;
• Gulf Drive and 72nd Street;
• Palm Drive and 81st Street.


Cell tower committee sets goals

ANNA MARIA – The committee charged with helping the city commission rate the three applicants for planning and installing a cell phone tower near city hall held a meeting last week, minus City Commissioner Dale Woodland and Mayor SueLynn, who were at the original meeting. The city commission decided it might be best if the committee worked without the presence of elected officials who would vote on the issue when it comes before the commission. More...

Home limits pass, historic ordinance delayed

ANNA MARIA – The city commission passed the lot, yard, bulk ordinance on second reading last Thursday defining allowable home sizes in relation to their lots, signaling an end to the moratorium on building permits.

Before the unanimous vote to accept the limits, Commissioner Chuck Webb said he met with Building Official Bob Welch and City Planner Alan Garrett about a portion of the ordinance that allows homeowners to apply for variances before suing the city for loss of value. He said the ordinance wording does not tie the variance with the Bert Harris Act, which allows such lawsuits. Webb said he wants it added to the ordinance. More...


Anna Maria Island Sun News StoryIsland Moose Lodge rules

BRADENTON BEACH – The Anna Maria Island Moose Lodge #2188, 110 Gulf Drive S., brought home two first place international awards from its conference in Milwaukee, Wis. last week.

The Shining Star Award for Lodge of the Year (the men’s group) and the Shining Star Award for Chapter of the Year (the women’s group) were only the beginning of the awards. More...


Anna Maria Island Sun News Story Georgia’s Delayed Harvest a boon for trout fishermen

Smith Creek undulated along the shaded walking path, dancing around boulders and sliding over granite outcroppings, sometimes sparkling in the early afternoon sun and then tumbling into shaded glens where the sunlight didn’t reach. Walking along the path with my five-weight fly rod, I looked for places that might harbor trout, while providing enough room to maneuver my rod and line.

Spotting a side trail that led to the creek’s edge, I discovered a stretch of the creek that looked like it might be the perfect lair of a rainbow or brown trout. I entered the water and began working my way upstream making casts to areas that looked promising. I was fishing a dry fly and had to make my casts carefully so the offering would float along the water’s surface without appearing unnatural. More...

real estate

Unveiling condominimum mysteries

One of life’s mysteries is condominium regulations, and until you actually own and live in a condominium association, it’s a mystery that will probably remain unsolved.

I’ve written before explaining what condominiums are but because of the confusing nature of condo ownership, a quick review never hurts. A condominium is a legal entity which represents a type of ownership created by the legal system in order to define ownership of a unit or apartment. A condominium purchaser receives a deed to the unit just like a single family home and an undivided interest in the common elements. More...


Commissioners reject rezone of entire block

HOLMES BEACH –Commissioners were not keen on a suggestion from City Planner Bill Brisson to rezone an entire block bordered by Avenue C, 30th Street, Gulf Drive and Grassy Point from C-3 to mixed use.

“Behind the Anchor Inn, there is a vacant lot, and the property owner will probably be submitting an application for commercial with residential above,” Brisson explained. “At present in the C-3 district, that’s not allowed.” More...

Anna Maria Island Sun News Story

Social Security's value

Investment Corner

During almost any conversation about Social Security, it is inevitable that some of the more disparaging comments about the system will come out. “I’m taking mine right away before the system runs out of money” and “It’s not enough to retire on anyway” are typical comments.

It’s not my job to champion the system, but there is certainly a lot of misinformation getting passed around that causes people stress, and that is never good. I hope to cover the reality and with the information we have today, dispel some of the ideas which are just plain wrong and to provide some insight as to what your Social Security benefits are worth in terms of a cash value. More...


Anna Maria Island Sun News Story

Making beach lights turtle friendly

BRADENTON – A lost loggerhead sea turtle was rescued after she crawled onto Manatee Avenue from Palma Sola Bay to lay her eggs.

A couple was driving west on Manatee Avenue around midnight on May 23 when a car in front of them swerved, forcing them off the road, they told Suzi Fox, of Anna Maria Island Turtle Watch and Shorebird Monitoring. More...


Anna Maria Island Sun News StoryJune madness - Center tournament time

Spring sports are winding down at the Anna Maria Island Community Center as the Island prepares to jump into summer mode. That means its tournament time.

The tournament brackets have been set, and seeds are determined by the end of the year standings in each age division. If there was a tie in the record standings, then seeding was determined by the head to head competition results between the two teams. In the case of Ross Built Construction and Walter & Associates in the 11-13-year-old basketball division, that was still a tie and they had to go to points against during the season to determine that Ross Built Construction was the number one seed. More...

Anna Maria Island Sun News StoryI can’t believe it’s vegan

Feasting on Fitness

Last week I gave you some samples (with a little imagination) from an incredible “bi” bakery in New Orleans, meaning they baked and sold both vegan and non-vegan delectables. People have common objections to eating vegan, both real and preconceived ideas. One of them is that the food is boring or there is no variety. So once again, I bring you more photos of what all you can do to eat well, improve your health and the planet. More...

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