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Vol. 13 No. 30 - May 15, 2013


Kick back and relax at Salon Salon

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Louise Bolger | sun
Left to right Christy Nelson, lead hair stylist,
Rachael Niebanck, salon coordinator,
Annie Petitt, owner, await your visit
at Salon Salon on Pine.


What makes you feel pampered? Is it a day at the beach with a good book or is it shopping with your girlfriends, or maybe a spa day and lunch? Whatever fits your definition of being pampered you can find it all within walking distance in Anna Maria City.

The Pine Avenue restoration project has another new and fabulous addition to its portfolio of shops and eateries. Salon Salon on Pine Beauty Boutique & Spa opened in December of last year, offering visitors and local residents a full service salon in the heart of Anna Maria.

Salon Salon on Pine is the second salon on Anna Maria Island owned and operated by Annie Petitt and her husband, Jeff, and their daughter, Nikita Fosmore. The first Salon Salon of AMI is located at 3612 E. Bay Drive in Holmes Beach and opened in November 2009. In Holmes Beach, the shop captures the look and feel of an upscale urban salon, but on Pine Avenue, in keeping with the casual Old Florida feel of the street, they have adopted a beachy chic décor.

The aqua blue walls designed by Fosmore simulate waves washing up on the sand as the color fades from dark to pale aqua, and the reception desk designed out of reclaimed wood appears to be a weathered piece of driftwood. The natural color of the concrete floors perfectly sets off the attractive display of products available to purchase.

Salon Salon exclusively sells Bumble & Bumble hair products, Murad skin care products and Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics. They also have their own private line of body care products as well as other hair and body care accessories. The staff at Salon Salon is all trained in the products offered for sale, and they are also used at the salon.

One of the more unique and exciting additions to Salon Salon’s product line are custom fragrances by Aromachology. Aromochology gives you the experience of creating your very own fragrance at their perfume bar. It’s a great idea for a special event like a wedding, where each member of the wedding can design her own special scent, and makes a thoughtful gift by giving an empty bottle for the recipient to later take to the perfume bar and mix a customized scent.

Salon Salon has a full menu of body treatments with oils, scrubs and mud wraps, several different massage treatments including deep tissue and aroma therapy as well as many facial options. It has three attractive treatment rooms, one with a shower, and an area to relax.

Manicures and pedicures are done in a lovely separate room away from the traffic of the reception area, and of course, hair styling, color, hair extensions, foils and conditioning are all available. Salon Salon offers Clarisonic skin cleansers and spray tanning and a full waxing menu.

Salon Salon loves to host parties and do many wedding parties, special birthdays and even baby showers. Gift certificates are available for all services and make wonderful gifts. Both Salon Salon locations are full service offering essentially the same beauty and spa services. Both locations work together in accommodating the needs of their clients, and if one of the locations is booked for a particular service, Annie will do her best to get you an appointment at the other.

Annie and her family are very excited to be part of the Pine Avenue experience and want to thank their very strong local following for helping to make their new shop a huge success already. She says she and her staff have a great passion for the spa business and love to make people feel good. Their mission is to take very good care of their clients with the hope that visitors and residents will keep returning.

Whatever your definition of pampered is, you can bet you’ll find it at both Salon Salon locations – the one that could be on Fifth Avenue and the one where you can dig your toes in the sand, relax and enjoy.



313 C Pine Avenue
Anna Maria

Tuesday – Saturday:
10 a.m. – 6 p.m.

MasterCard, Visa, Discover


Anna Maria Island Sun News Story

Men are from Mars, women are from Venus

Investment Corner

The title of this article is that of the best-selling book by Dr. John Gray in the 1990s. The book, which attempted to describe the personality and emotional differences between the genders, sold over 50 million copies and remains in print today.

In the realm of investments and the process of giving and receiving investment advice, there are stark differences between males and females that are important for both the client, man or woman, and the advisor, man or woman, to understand to try to avoid miscommunication, or even worse, offending the other party.

Like many parts of our lives, the domination of males in the investment decision process is fading, and in some situations, has disappeared. There are many reasons for this, but the primary factors seem to be the narrowing of the compensation gap between men and women for similar levels of skill and responsibility, along with factors I've cited before including a woman's longer life expectancy and divorce.

Both the client and the advisor need to be aware of the priority differences between men and women. Care should be taken to address the important factors perceived by both the male and female when a married couple is involved or when a single client is working with an advisor, particularly one of the opposite sex. So, what differences do we observe between the sexes when it comes to their views of investing?

Men, being from Mars in general, tend to be much more performance driven and concerned about the very best results, even if it means taking excessive risk. Picking winning investments, which can be bragged about at the club or at cocktail parties, seems to be more important for men. Lower on the priority list are issues like risk control, leaving money to heirs, as well as some of the more qualitative factors like their legacy of how they will be remembered by future generations.

Women (from Venus, of course) tend to be much more concerned about the qualitative factors in the investment process. "Beating the market" is not as much of a concern as long as the performance is acceptable and comes without too much risk. The risk factors tend to be more important to women, likely because they are more concerned about their money lasting them for their lifetime, and hopefully beyond, through inheritance for children and grandchildren. Making sure the story of their life is told and understood by future generations is usually a higher priority for women investors, particularly as they move through the retirement years.

When married couples are working with their investment advisor it is important for both husbands and wives priorities to be heard and understood by the advisor. Clients should be encouraged to ask probing questions of the advisor to make sure the advisor truly understands their priorities and that the investment plan is being designed considering the priorities of both husband and wife.

For singles, working with an advisor may be a bit simpler, but it is still important to make sure that gender based biases aren’t getting in the way of communication when the advisor and client are of the opposite sex.

Tom Breiter is president of Breiter Capital Management, Inc., an Anna Maria based investment advisor. He can be reached at 778-1900. Some of the investment concepts highlighted in this column may carry the risk of loss of principal, and investors should determine appropriateness for their personal situation before investing. Visit


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