Vol. 13 No. 13 - January 9, 2013


Board makes dog park recommendations

HOLMES BEACH – The city’s beautification committee, which was asked to oversee the dog park by Mayor Carmel Monti in December, made several recommendations for the park last week.

Chair Melissa Snyder said she and Commissioner David Zaccagnino feel the park needs to be divided in order to provide a place for small dogs.

“Also there’s the issue of proper water for the dogs,” she continued. “A hose with two bowls is not good for people’s dogs. We need an actual dog drinking fountain. Right now, they have a fountain that belongs in front of a funeral home.” More...

Dog walker in conflict with authorities

BRADENTON BEACH – A dog puppy walker, who took a walk with his wife and a guide dog in training on Sunday, Dec. 30, ran into a problem with a lifeguard supervisor who wanted him to remove the nine-month-old golden retriever from the beach.

Raymond and Joan Foren, of Ocala, came to Coquina Beach with Parker, who was wearing a cape to identify him as a service dog, after seeing no signs prohibiting dogs on the beach. More...

Holmes Beach to eliminate duplex connection

HOLMES BEACH – Underground footers to connect duplexes in Holmes Beach will be a thing of the past after the moratorium in the R-2 district is lifted.

Commissioners agreed to eliminate the portion of the code that allows duplexes to be connected by an underground foundation and that in order to have a two-family unit on one duplex lot, there must be a party wall. More...

Shore resigns from FISH board

CORTEZ – Manatee County Clerk of Circuit Court Chips Shore has resigned from the board of directors of FISH, the Florida Institute for Saltwater Heritage.

In a letter dated Jan. 3 to FISH president Kim McVey, Shore said he would remain a member of FISH, but no longer serve on the board, citing in part “offensive and inflammatory language and rhetoric” by some board members about the relationship between FISH and the clerk’s office, which administers the Florida Maritime Museum at Cortez. More...

Anna Maria Island Sun News StoryExplore nature in the county preserves

The month of January will be a busy one full of activities at the various Manatee County preserves. Everything from star-gazing and nature walks to kayaking and old-fashioned wagon rides will be offered. The following is a list of those activities, brought to you by The Manatee County Natural Resources Department. More...

Stolen car ends up in shooting

BRADENTON BEACH – Police retrieved Michael Pedone, Jr.’s stolen car last Thursday morning, but it has some bullet holes in it.

According to a Bradenton Beach Police report, Pedone, of Bradenton Beach, gave Stephanie Ann Hicks, 34, and another female a ride to Bradenton Beach from a Sarasota Wal Mart shortly before midnight on Thursday, Jan. 3. When he pulled into a residence in the 100 block of Third Street South to visit another female, the two women stayed in the car. Hicks asked him to leave the keys to the car so they could listen to the radio. He did, and that was the last he saw of them, according to the report. When he returned from visiting the woman, the car and the two women were gone. More...

Fernandez leaves building department

HOLMES BEACH – John Fernandez, who was providing services to the city’s building department, ended his agreement with the city on Dec. 26.

Fernandez, who once was the city’s building official and also served as building official for the town of Longboat Key, has been providing building department services to the city under a special agreement since July 2012. More...

Pier projects delayed by red tape

BRADENTON BEACH – The city’s floating day dock at the Bridge Street Pier continues to float alongside the pier, waiting for what the city hopes is a permanent fix for it continually tearing apart due to high waves.

High winds during Hurricane Sandy made the waves that forced the city to shut down the dock for safety reasons. More...


Anna Maria Island Sun News StoryBirds present and accounted for

They play games with you, these birds.

They twitter, then move, just as you think you’ve spotted them in the dense brush on Leffis Key, then tweet again to taunt you.

It’s almost as if they don’t want to be counted. More...


Anna Maria Island Sun News Story The jig is up - the world’s best lure

Of all the lures in existence the jig would have to be my number one pick. The jig is one of the oldest and most productive lures known to man. With the plethora of modern computer designed lures, holographic patterns and life-like action, this simple design remains one of the top producing lures in an angler’s tackle box. If you have faith and vary the action, it's possible to elicit a strike from any game fish (fresh or salt) that swims local waters. More...

real estate

Flood insurance – are you adequately covered?

In the wake of Superstorm Sandy homeowners all around the country have been jolted out of their long summer’s nap back into the insurance reality show. Homeowners are taking a second look at their flood insurance and starting to realize that it may not be as good a deal as they thought.

As we talked about last week, homeowner’s insurance does not cover your home for anything that resembles a flood. People who live on or near the water or in what is designated a flood zone need to purchase federal flood insurance. Since Superstorm Sandy hit the East Coast in October, the demand for and questions about flood insurance has surged. More...


Bistro offspring gets honor

The judges at the Golden Spoon are in love with Sean Murphy’s Beach Bistro and now they’re saying “Eat here,” when talking about his newest restaurants. The Eat Here Restaurants at 5315 Gulf Drive, in Holmes Beach, and 1888 Main St., in Sarasota, have won the Golden Spoon “Best New Restaurants in Florida” Award

Murphy was profoundly moved by the award. More...

Anna Maria Island Sun News Story

Getting Social Security right the first time

Investment Corner

In 2010, the Social Security Administration implemented a rule change which placed a time constraint for when people can re-do their Social Security income election. Recipients now have only 12 months from the date they file their income application claim to re-do their election.

So what does this mean for those who are approaching the date they will become eligible to file or those who recently started receiving benefits? The difference between a poor Social Security income election and a well-grounded one can be in excess of $100,000 over a couple’s – and even singles’ – lifetimes. The total income benefit amount over a couple’s lifetime can approach, and even often exceeds, $1 million dollars. With today’s low interest rate environment, maximizing Social Security income is even more important. More...


Anna Maria Island Sun News StoryFantastic first finale for football

The Sun sports game of the week was the first scheduled game of the year for the Anna Maria Island Community Center’s 2013 flag football season. The game featured the adult co-ed Beach to Bay Construction Ravens versus the Lobstahs Lions.

The Lobstahs Lions won the toss and started with the ball on offense. After picking up a quick first down, quarterback Matt Piermarini was faced with a second down and 21 yards. He then found receiver Wayne Wyckoff in the endzone for the first TD of the season. The extra-point was no good, 6-0. More...

What every mayor should do

Feasting on Fitness

The headline reads, “Transform your life.”

Stories breaking this week say, “A weekend of transformation awaits in the Piney Woods of east Texas. Learn about the endless benefits of a healthful, compassionate and sustainable plant-based lifestyle.

“Gain inspiration from 15 of the world’s most influential and sought after speakers, athletes, and best-selling authors. Learn delicious recipes at vegan chef led cooking demos. Work it off with a boot camp session led by a Hollywood fitness guru. More...

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