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Vol. 13 No. 2 - October 24, 2012


Four remain unbeaten

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Scott Dell | Sun
Kieran Grumley, of Edgewater Realty, battles for position
and the ball against Julia Ware, of West Coast Air
Conditioning & Heating, during 14-17 year old AMICC soccer action.

Half way through the season and only four teams remain unbeaten in the Anna Maria Island Community Center leagues.

In the co-ed adult leagues, Slim’s Place increased its winning streak to 5-0 this week in soccer. In co-ed adult basketball, Best Buy also increased to 5-0 this week. Both teams have been showing strong performances on both sides of the ball.

For Slim’s Place on offense, Danny Anderson and Sean Sanders led the way in goal scoring. While on defense, Lyn Clarke and Tyler Krauss played in front of goalie Tyler Bekkerus.

For Best Buy, Antwaun Jackson is undoubtedly dominating both sides of the court and scored a new Center’s single game scoring record with 49 points in his last game. Tyler Bekkerus and Brandon Kern have been consistently chipping in their fair share of points as well.

In the co-ed youth soccer leagues, Lobstah’s is the team to beat in the 8-10-year-old league with a 5-0-1 record. On offense, the girl duo of Catherine Calhoun and Allie Connely seem to always find the back of the net at just the right time to keep their team victories rolling.

SteamDesigns increased its lead in the 11-13-year-old soccer standings this week to 5-0 and has begun to run away with this division. Dominant play on both sides of the field by Nico Calleja, along with solid support by Christian Daniels, Aiden Grumley and Gavin Sentman, has been the formula for success.

The second half of the season is still to be determined, but all four of these teams will have huge targets on their backs. One of the hardest things to do in any sport is to remain unbeaten and have the perfect season. We will have to wait and see if a team can find a way to beat one of these first half of the season fab four teams.

Adult co-ed soccer results

Pink & Navy Boutique 5
Sato Real Estate  0

Slim’s Place  4
Florida Discount Signs  1

Moss & Bernard Construction  6
Wash Family Construction4

Island Pest Control  4
Jessie’s Island Store  4

Adult co-ed Soccer schedule

Oct. 18, Thursday, 6 p.m., Moss & Bernard Construction vs. Slim’s Place
Oct. 18, Thursday, 7 p.m., Wash Family Construction vs. Jessie’s Island Store
Oct. 18, Thursday, 8 p.m., Sato Real Estate vs. Island Pest Control
Oct. 18, Thursday, 9 p.m., Pink & Navy Boutique vs. Florida Discount Signs

Youth Soccer Results
Division III (8-10-year-old)

Lobstah’s  2
LaPensee Plumbing  1
Catherine Calhoun and Allie Connely each scored one goal apiece for the Lobstah’s win. Sam Bowers scored the only goal for LaPensee Plumbing.

Best Buy 7
Miller Electric  3
Daniel Fritz scored four goals. Jaclyn Schlossberg scored two goals, and Olivia Sizler scored one goal for the Best Buy team win. Ava Zink scored two goals, and Madelyn Rogers scored one goal for the Miller Electric team.

American Marine 6
Best Buy  3
Tyler Brewer scored four goals and David Daigle scored two goals for the American Marine team win. Daniel Fritz scored all three goals for the Best Buy team.

Tyler’s Ice Cream  7
Miller Electric  4
Daniel Sentman scored four goals. Gianna Sparks scored two goals and German Rivera scored one goal for the Tyler’s Ice Cream win. Ava Zink and Dalton Guthrie each scored two goals apiece for the Miller Electric team.

Division II (11-13-year-old)

Wash Family Construction  3
Tyler Pearson scored three goals and Zach Fernandez scored one goal for the LPAC team win. Ben Connor scored two goals, and Tyler Yavalar scored one goal for the Wash Family Construction team.

Steam Designs  4
Jen Crady Massage  1
Nico Calleja scored two goals. Gavin Sentman and Christian Daniels each scored one goal apiece for the SteamDesigns team victory. Abby Achor scored one goal for the Jen Crady Massage team.

Division II (14-17-year-old)

Edgewater Realty  5
West Coast A/C & Heating  0
Max Driscoll scored two goals. Joey Carder, Kieran Grumley and Derek Pulch each scored one goal apiece for the Edgewater Realty team victory.

Edgewater Realty  2
West Coast A/C & Heating 2
Joey Carder scored both goals for the Edgewater Realty team tie. Carolyn Cullinan and Max Miller each scored a goal for the West Coast Air Conditioning & Heating team tie.

Youth Soccer schedule
Instructional League (4-5-year-old):

Oct. 17, Wednesday, 6 p.m., Air & Energy vs. Bowes Imaging Center
Oct. 17, Wednesday, 6:30 p.m., Firkins vs. Beach BistroInstructional League (6-7-year-old)
Oct. 19, Friday, 6 p.m., Beach Bums vs.
Oct. 19, Friday, 7 p.m., Bowes Imaging Center vs. Tyler’s Ice Cream
Oct. 23, Tuesday, 6 p.m., Bowes Imaging Center vs.
Oct. 23, Tuesday, 7 p.m., Beach Bums vs. Tyler’s Ice Cream

Division II (11-13-year-old)

Oct. 17, Wednesday, 8 p.m., Jen Crady Massage vs. LPAC
Oct. 19, Friday, 7 p.m., SteamDesigns vs. LPAC
Oct. 19, Friday, 8 p.m., Wash Family Construction vs. Jen Crady Massage
Oct. 23, Tuesday, 8 p.m., LPAC vs. Wash Family Construction

Division I (14-17-year-old)

Oct. 24, Wednesday, 8 p.m., Edgewater Real Estate vs. West Coast Air Conditioning & Heating Inc.

Adult co-ed Basketball results

The Feast Rrstaurant 40
Agnelli Pools & Spa  38

Island Real Estate  Win
Eat Here  Forfeit

Best Buy  82
Gator Man Pools  71

Adult co-ed basketball schedule

Oct. 16, Tuesday, 6:30 p.m., Eat Here vs. Best Buy
Oct. 16, Tuesday, 7:30 p.m., Island Real Estate vs. Agnelli Pools & Spa
Oct. 16, Tuesday, 8:30 p.m., Gator Man Pools vs. The Feast Restaurant
Oct. 23, Tuesday, 6:30 p.m., Island Real Estate vs. Gator Man Pools
Oct. 23, Tuesday, 7:30 p.m., Agnelli Pools & Spa vs. Eat Here
Oct. 23, Tuesday, 8:30 p.m., The Feast restaurant vs. Best Buy



Burning the candle at both ends

Momma used to say, “You can’t burn the candle at both ends.” So true mom. So true. But how do you determine how long the wick really is?

I think I’m finding out. I never have really felt like I’m testing the ends of my limits, except while traveling the world as a college student and got run down before my vegan diet kicked in.

Eating a vegan diet has kept me strong and healthy. Up North, predictably, I almost always got sick during the change of seasons in the fall and spring. For some people, eating dairy is like turning on a faucet in the back of the throat.

For me, eating just one slice of pizza the night before a broadcast when I was a morning anchor was enough to turn on the spigot. I couldn’t get through a show without sniffing, coughing or clearing my throat.

Eating a plant-based diet with no dairy has kept my sinuses completely clear and my voice resonate. As a child and into my thirties, I upper respiratory infections would mandate chest x-rays, antihistamines, and antibiotics.

No one ever said, except in a few books I read, “dump the dairy and get rid of your sinusitis. It eventually worked like a charm. Why didn’t I know? No money in broccoli and most doctors don’t take a single nutrition class in medical school.

While I cannot begin to complain about all the events set-up back-to-back by my publisher, my body has said, “Time for a break." Though it may not come until December. After San Francisco’s VegFest this weekend, Tampa, Orlando and then San Diego VegFests are next.

My recent book tour has kept me in confined planes of coughing and sneezing passengers. While my immune system is strong, and I can’t remember the last time I was sick, I haven’t been able to sleep more than 5 or 6 hours a night on the road. Along with not eating the best food at airports and other places where fresh produce was hard to come by, I was a virus waiting to happen.

I very much love the interaction and connection with readers and audiences. The good news is when the publishing season and book tours shut down for the holidays, the Florida racing season peaks.

And in January, I’ve been asked to participate in a weekend “immersion” event called “Get Healthy Marshall” that will have many fitness and diet authors from the plant-based eating world. The mayor of Marshall, Texas went through a similar immersion program a few years ago, and is trying to improve the health of his entire town. They’ve asked me to participate as a guest in the 5K they are organizing too.

One of the biggest shockers on book tour is discovering how hard it is to get mainstream media coverage. I’ve appealed to most stations in advance of my speaking engagements. I know that dodging my family genes that gave both sister, my mom and aunt breast cancer is extremely rare, and that alone constitutes a news story.

The save your waistline and bottom line with shopping tips in my book ought to be another compelling news story of anyone affected by the economy. But my appearances are mostly on weekends, with skeleton TV crews, and not many resources or reporters to cover the breaking news stories of the day.

Since I was a TV reporter for 18 years, I oughtta know. Gotta run!

You can follow Island resident Ellen Jaffe Jones on her Facebook page and keep up with her just released book:,"Eat Vegan on $4 a Day," or her website: She is also a nationally certified personal trainer and running coach. For training in a gym or private hire, contact Ellen at or 941-704-1025.

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