Vol. 13 No. 1 - October 17, 2012


Anna Maria Island Sun News StoryBoyfriend charged in Sabine case

William Cumber III, the former boyfriend of Sabine Musil-Buehler, has been transported to Manatee County Jail and charged with murder in her disappearance.

Musil-Buehler was last seen on Nov. 4, 2008, after she allegedly got into an argument with Cumber, who she befriended while he was on work release from prison on an arson conviction. Cumber workedf at Haley’s Motel, which Musil-Buehler owned with her estranged husband, Tom Buehler. However a probable cause affidavit filed March 8, 2012, indicated the detective who spoke with Cumber shortly after her disappearance noticed a strong odor of bleach in the apartment. The detective said they found blood in the apartment after crime scene technicians processed it with chemicals. He wrote there were strong indications that somebody had tried to clean it. The affidavit also indicated some discrepancy with what Cumber told them. More...

FEMA responds to citizens’ complaints

HOLMES BEACH – The city has received a letter from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) regarding issues raised by citizen on homes that may violate FEMA regulations. “More than one citizen has recently expressed concern about the city’s permitting process and enforcement of its floodplain ordinance concerning substantial improvements,” wrote Steven Martin, program manager of the state floodplain management office in Tallahassee.

He said the FEMA regional office asked the state to follow up on the complaints and that the citizens provided a power point presentation of four properties located at 606 Crestwood, 531 Key Royale Drive, 302 67th St. and 207-209 55th St. More...

FDLE report filed in Morris death

BRADENTON BEACH – A long awaited report from a Florida Department of Law Enforcement task force about the way the police investigated the death of a young woman on New Years Day 2009 has been released to Police Chief Sam Speciale.

Contrary to a Sarasota news story last Thursday, the report did not call for Speciale to reopen the case for further investigation, although Speciale said he would reopen it administratively, so he could attend to the report’s recommendations. He said he would not tell what the recommendations were until he followed them and closed the case again. More...

Newsletter prompts angry responses

HOLMES BEACH – Some audience members clapped as three residents lashed out at Commissioner Jean Peelen over the content of her newsletter at last week’s commission meeting.

The first was contractor John Agnelli, Jr., owner of Agnelli Building Plaza, who said he shares the community’s concern about potential overdevelopment, but added, “Lately, I have become appalled at what I’ve heard at these meetings. More...

Agnelli sues commissioner over newsletter

HOLMES BEACH – The same day he took Commissioner Jean Peelen to task regarding remarks in her newsletter, contractor John F. Agnelli, Jr. filed a civil suit against her for libel.

The suit states that on Sept. 30, Peelen sent out an e-mail newsletter regarding happenings in the city, the upcoming election and campaign contributions and that she made the following statements in paragraph 2 of the newsletter: More...

Holmes Beach candidates
bring varied backgrounds

HOLMES BEACH – Six people seek three positions in the Island’s largest city where rental home development is threatening the Island’s laid-back, authentic, low-rise Florida character.

Mayoral candidates

Incumbent Mayor Rich Bohnenberger, who retired from the Philadelphia Fire Department as a fire officer, faces a challenge from Carmel Monti, a retired commercial salesman, former CEO and owner of a garden products company that will soon have a showroom in Sarasota. More...

Code procedure questioned

HOLMES BEACH – Commissioner Jean Peelen questioned code procedure regarding a complaint a citizen made in July about homes that may violate Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) regulations.

“On July 12, a citizen wrote to the mayor, commission and building official alleging FEMA violations at 26 new construction houses,” she explained. “I believed something would be done. I found out last week nothing has been done.” More...

Mainsail ready to roll despite city’s misgivings

HOLMES BEACH – Commissioners directed the city attorney to start the process of holding a public hearing on whether to revoke the site plan for Mainsail’s marina development.

However, Mainsail Development Company President Joe Collier said, “We’ll bypass all of that by getting it started. We’ll apply for a building permit in the next 45 to 60 days and forge ahead ASAP.



Anna Maria Island Sun News StoryBook explores Egmont Key

EGMONT KEY – Look north from any place on the Gulf beaches of Anna Maria Island.

There, see it?

Keep watching.

Keep watching.

See it?

It’s the Egmont Key lighthouse, still working after 154 years.



Anna Maria Island Sun News StoryAnna Maria Outfitters fills a void

Anna Maria Outfitters recently opened for business on Pine Street in Anna Maria, filling a void that’s been undeveloped for a long time on the Island. Now fly anglers will have a place to find hand tied flies and other quality fly fishing equipment. I first heard about the shop from Captain Scott Moore who, knowing that I’m an devoted fly angler, reported that I should stop by and meet the new proprietors Steve and Yetta Traves. More...

real estate

Citizens Insurance is at it again

I recently said to a co-worker that in the newspaper business every rule has an exception, and all rules are meant to be broken or words to that effect. Well I’m sorry to say that I’m breaking my own self imposed rule to never write about the same topic two weeks in a row, but since the subject matter is one of the most important to all Florida homeowners, I’m giving myself a pass.

Last week was all about the low interest loan program that Citizens Insurance is proposing to offer to private insurance companies who agreed to write insurance for current Citizens policyholders. After the incoming house speaker Rep. Will Weatherford wrote a letter to the Citizens Board questioning the board’s authority to implement the loan program, Citizens agreed to slow down the process and bring in a third party firm to review the program. It did not, however, agree to put the program on hold until the Florida Legislature has the opportunity to hold hearings about the loan program and still plans on approving the program in December. More...


2012 tourism consistently up

PALMETTO – Local occupancy rates and the average rate that visitors pay for accommodations have both increased every month so far this year, the Manatee County Tourist Development Council learned on Monday.

From January through September, the number of visitors was up nearly 10 percent from the same period last year, and the average daily rate was up between 1 and 5 percent, according to Walter Klages, of Data Research Services, adding that European visitors increased by 19 percent. More...

Anna Maria Island Sun News Story

Stock market defies individual investors

Investment Corner

I don’t think the market will go anywhere until after the election.” “Stocks can’t go up when there are so many problems around the world.”.

These phrases are typical of what we were hearing from investors starting early this year. Apparently, many have voted with their money as we have been seeing individual investors remove far more money than they deposited in stock mutual funds for over three years in a row now. More...


Turtle nesting nearly done

Only three sea turtle nests remain incubating in the sand on Anna Maria Island as turtle season winds down to its Oct. 31 close.

One in Holmes Beach is due to hatch on Oct. 10 (Oct. 25 at the latest), one in Anna Maria is due to hatch on Oct. 25 (Nov. 9 at the latest) and a rare green turtle nest in Anna Maria is due to hatch on Nov. 9 (Nov. 24 at the latest), according to Anna Maria Island Turtle Watch and Shorebird Monitoring. More...


Anna Maria Island Sun News StoryFour remain unbeaten

Half way through the season and only four teams remain unbeaten in the Anna Maria Island Community Center leagues.

In the co-ed adult leagues, Slim’s Place increased its winning streak to 5-0 this week in soccer. In co-ed adult basketball, Best Buy also increased to 5-0 this week. Both teams have been showing strong performances on both sides of the ball. More...

Burning the candle at both ends

Feasting on Fitness

Momma used to say, “You can’t burn the candle at both ends.” So true mom. So true. But how do you determine how long the wick really is?

I think I’m finding out. I never have really felt like I’m testing the ends of my limits, except while traveling the world as a college student and got run down before my vegan diet kicked in. More...

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