Vol. 12 No. 50 - September 26, 2012


Viens admits to gruesome acts

The prosecution in the second-degree murder trial of former Bradenton Beach restaurant owner David Viens dropped a bombshell on Tuesday, Sept. 18.

That’s when the jury heard a March 2011 recording of Viens telling sheriff’s investigators the reason they could not find the body of his missing wife, Dawn, was because he cooked it until there was little left but the skull. More...

Investigation review completed

BRADENTON BEACH – A Specialized Multi-Agency Review Team (SMART) convened on Sept. 19 at the Avon Park College in Highlands County to review the Sheena Morris death investigation by the Bradenton Beach Police Department.

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) convened the panel at the request of Bradenton Beach Police Chief Sam Speciale after repeated requests by Morris’s mother, Kelley Osborn, to reopen the investigation. More...

Anna Maria Island Sun News StoryConference to celebrate authentic Florida

Coastal Manatee County is one of four areas in the state that is considered authentic Florida and a conference coming in October will explore what makes it unique and how others can keep their areas authentic.

The first Sustainable & Authentic Florida Conference (SAFL) will take place Oct. 17 through 19 at the Island Players Theater. Participants can sign up for individual days or the entire conference. More...

Anna Maria Island Sun News Story Privateers Grog Off

The Drift Inn parking lot was awash with swashbuckling pirates and punch drinking revelers Saturday afternoon during the second annual Anna Maria Island Privateers Grog Off.

The Grog Off was part of the non-profit Privateers’ continuing fundraising efforts to support kids and community.

“A grog is whatever you’ve got, said Jason Burns, a partner with Bogey’s Sports Pub in Bradenton. “That’s the pirate term, whether it’s rum, vodka, beer, anything…whatever you have.” More...

Anna Maria Island Sun News StoryBayfest includes cool wheels

ANNA MARIA – It’s time to shake off the summer doldrums and celebrate.

It’s time for another Bayfest.

Bayfest returns to Pine Avenue on Oct. 19 and 20 and the lineup is impressive. More...

FISH plans for grant

CORTEZ – The Florida Institute of Saltwater Heritage (FISH) is looking to the future and thanks to a $250,000 grant from the Sarasota Bay Estuary Program (SBEP), the future looks rosy, but members need a plan to make sure the grant is theirs.

FISH members met last Thursday night, Sept. 20, to discuss the grant, which would be applied to the Cortez Preserve, a large tract of mostly undeveloped land east of the historic fishing village that was purchased by the residents through FISH proceeds from the annual Cortez Commercial Fishing Festival held in February. More...

Historic preservation committee crafts ordinance

ANNA MARIA – Historical preservation committee members last week began revising the Boynton Beach Historical Preservation Ordinance to fit the city’s needs.

They began with the definition section, making minor changes. Their goal is writing a historic preservation ordinance that will provide incentives and relief from Federal Emergency Management Agency requirements for people who want to save ground level homes. More...

Manatee Food Bank needs are still great

Cash and food donations continue to come in for the Food Bank of Manatee’s Grand Challenge, but food is being distributed to local agencies almost as quickly as it’s donated. At least 50 agencies come regularly each week, and another 50 receive food as needed.

Organizations, clubs, businesses and schools around Manatee County have raised nearly 26,000 pounds of food and nearly $15,000 to help restock the Food Bank of Manatee’s shelves over the past month. But Food Bank Director Cindy Sloan said more is needed to meet needs until the traditional donation period begins in November. More...


Anna Maria Island Sun News StoryStudents Shine at Peace Ceremony

HOLMES BEACH – A children’s story about the number zero’s concern that it has no value set the mood for this year’s Peace Day at Anna Maria Elementary School.

Rooted in the aftermath of the 9/11 al Qaida terrorist attacks on New York and the Pentagon, AME’s Peace Day celebrates International Children’s Peace Day Sept. 21. More...


Anna Maria Island Sun News StoryGlacier National Park rugged and scenic

I’ve always wanted to do an extended hike into the backcountry, so when I got an invitation I jumped at the chance, even though it meant training in the hot humid Florida environment.

To make the adventure even more exciting, I would be hiking for four nights and five days (Aug. 26-30) in Glacier National Park, one of the most ruggedly scenic American parks. I love the outdoors and while I’ve hiked extensively, I‘ve been limited to day-long excursions. This time I would be out for four nights and have access to some excellent remote, high country lakes. More...

real estate

The end of stainless steel?

Diana Vreeland, one of fashion’s important icons, once said pink is the navy blue of India. But is white the new stainless of your kitchen? Some of the appliance icons would like you to believe that.

Appliance sales have taken a hit right along with home sales during the financial downturn, but appliance manufacturers are looking to the future, as both markets start to slug their way back. Their gamble not only is on the resurgence of the market, but also on some trendy new finishes for their lines of kitchen appliances. More...


Merchants seek city support for revitalization plan

HOLMES BEACH – Amy Welch, of the Holmes Beach Merchants’ Association, sought the support and participation of the city in revitalizing the downtown area.

“We hope to make the downtown area and all areas more livable and wallkable,” Welch told commissioners at their Sept. 11 work session. More...

Anna Maria Island Sun News Story

Income from equities – Part II

Investment Corner

In the first part of this series, we examined some of the risks of owning both stocks and bonds with the purpose of generating income in mind. In this segment, we’ll compare some of the potential rewards of each of these asset classes.

First and very simply, at the present time, a portfolio of U.S. high quality companies provides a yield higher than that offered by a 10-year treasury bond (2.2 percent or more vs. 1.7 percent). Beyond this basic comparison, income from stocks offers other potential advantages:

Increasing income – Historically, over time, companies have tended to raise their dividend payout as the company and its profits grow. The general rate of increase in the last few decades has been in the 6 to 7 percent range, meaning that dividends have risen faster than the rate of inflation. Some companies raise their dividends more aggressively, providing even more benefit to shareholders. More...


Late nests may outlast turtle season

As turtle season enters its final month, the number of nests has dwindled to about 15, according to Anna Maria Island Turtle Watch volunteer Glenn Wiseman.

"We have two nests that might hatch on a holiday," Wiseman said. "One might hatch on Halloween and the other on Thanksgiving." More...


Anna Maria Island Sun News StorySpirited start for soccer season

Hundreds of families and friends made it out to the Anna Maria Island Community Center’s annual start of the season. The soccer spirit jamboree day officially began Saturday to a host of decorated players and fans. Spirit day is all about having fun and showing off your team support by dressing up and creatively displaying your team colors. Oh, and by the way, there were great soccer games, too. More...

On the plane to Portland

Feasting on Fitness

Thank goodness I brought my headset enroute to Portland’s Vegetarian Festival, where I’ll be a headline speaker/cooking demonstrator both days.

The people next to me are squirming as the baby in the row in front of me is screaming. The bottle his dad is trying to force in his mouth to quiet him is being noisily and resolutely rejected. It’s hard not to think about how much we have lost such touch with the signals children give when they are in distress. More...

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