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Vol. 12 No. 27 - April 18, 2012


Close win for Island Sun

Anna Maria Island Sun News Story

Scott dell | submitted
Kevin Austin of B.Y. Construction makes the short
jumper during Community Center adult basketball.

The Sun Sports game of the week was the opening contest for the Anna Maria Island Community Center's spring adult co-ed basketball season. The Island Sun team took on the BeachHouse restaurant team to tip-off the season.

The Island Sun team came out with the hot hand in the first half. As a team, it hit eight three-pointers in the first half. Matt Dwyer led the way in scoring that half with 17 points, Nate Coleman added nine, Jonathan Schneider added six, Scott Dell added three and Jason Sato chipped in with two for The Sun, totaling 37 first half points.

The BeachHouse hung in there with 24 first half points of its own. Antwaun Jackson led the way with nine points, Adam Burjarski added eight and Brandon Kern chipped in with seven points in the first half. The halftime score was 37-24 Island Sun.

In the third quarter, The Island Sun team went cold and only scored seven points, while the BeachHouse team played great defense and scored 12 points in the third. This seemed to breathe some life into the BeachHouse and gave it momentum going into the fourth and final quarter where it marched its comeback.

Slowly the BeachHouse chipped away at the Island Sun lead by Brandon Kern hitting two 3-pointers and Antwaun Jackson taking it to the hoop for six points. Then, with 18 seconds left, the Sun's lead was down to one point. Jonathan Schneider hit a huge three pointer from the top of the key and put The Sun up by four again. Back came Kern and with 3.3 seconds left on the clock he hit another 3-pointer to make it a one point game again. Immediately the BeachHouse called timeout. All the Sun had to do then was get the ball in bounce. The pass came in and immediately the BeachHouse fouled to stop the clock. With two seconds left, The Sun hit the front end of the one and one foul shot to win by two points. Final score was 57-55.

For the Island Sun, Matt Dwyer finished with 23 points, 5 rebounds and one assist; Jonathan Schneider had a double-double 14 points, 14 rebounds and one block; Nate Coleman had 11 points, 5 rebounds and one block; Scott Dell had 4 points, 3 rebounds and one block; Matt Plummer had 3 points and 5 rebounds; Jason Sato had 2 points and 3 rebounds.
For the Beach House, Brandon Kern finished with 22 points and 3 rebounds; Antwaun Jackson had a double-double 19 points, 17 rebounds, two blocks and one assist; Adam Bujarski had 12 points and 2 rebounds; J T Goode had 2 points and 3 rebounds.

Adult Co-Ed Basketball Results:

Bowes Imaging Center  59
B. Y. Construction  44
For Bowes Imaging Center, Tyler Bekkerus led the way with 16 points, 4 rebounds and 1 assist; Jason Mickan had 14 points, 1 rebound and 1 assist; Mike Hanes had 12 points and 3 rebounds; Mark Templeton had 10 points, 8 rebounds and 1 assist; Don Purvis had 5 points and 1 rebound; Serena had 2 points.

For B. Y. Construction, Eric Gledhill had 16 points and 4 rebounds; Celia Ware had 12 points and 2 rebounds; Kevin Austin had 6 points; Matt Ray had 5 points, 3 rebounds and 2 assists; Troy Shonk had 5 points, 2 rebounds and 2 assists; Chuck McCracken had 6 rebounds and 3 assists; Brandon Gangler had 1 rebound and 2 assists.

The Feast Restaurant  45
Beach to Bay Construction  29
For the Feast, Jonathan Moss had 14 points and 1 rebound; Ryan Moss had 13 points, and 9 rebounds; Brent Moss had 6 points, 5 rebounds and 1 assist; Robert Serrano had 6 points, 3 rebounds and 1 assist; Chris Serrano had 4 points, 3 rebounds and 1 assist; Terry McGriff had 2 points and 8 rebounds.

For Beach to Bay Construction, Richard Atkins had 11 points and 9 rebounds; Scott Eason had 11 points and 7 rebounds; Frank Agnelli had 5 points and 11 rebounds; Chad Woods had 2 points, 7 rebounds and 2 assists; Matt Piermarini had 4 rebounds and 1 assist; Ryan Hogan had 1 rebound.

Adult Co-Ed Soccer Results:

Best Buy  10
Florida Discount Signs  6
Zoran Kolega had four goals, Rico Beissert had two goals and four assists, Josh Petitt had two goals, Kelsea Bachman and Josh Bernet had one goal each, Missy Verdoliva had one assist and Pedro Gonzalez had nine saves in goal for the Best Buy win.

Matt Kretzmann had three goals and an assist, Chad Manning had three goals, Skyler Purcell had one assist and Josh Peurifoy had four saves for Florida Discount Signs.

Don Meilner & Son Construction  3
Pink & Navy Boutique  3
Lindsey Weaver had two goals, Stephen Perry had one goal and one assist and Nate Talucci had 10 saves for the Don Meilner & Son Construction.
For Pink and Navy Boutique, Damir Glavan had two goals, Scott Pardue had one goal, Scott Eason had an assist and Scott Rudacille had 19 saves in goal for Pink & Navy Boutique.

Slim's Place  8
Pink & Wash Family Construction 2
Aaron Parkin had four goals; Aaron Duduks, Chrissy Rice and Sean Sanders each had one goal and one assist; Tyler Krauss had one goal; Adam Mott had eight saves in goal for the Slim's Place win.

Joe Ciasullo and Austin Wash each had one goal, Hayley Sousa and Darrin Wash each had an assist, Norman Fleet had three saves and Matt Ray had two saves in goal for the Wash Family Construction team.

Island Pest Control 8
Agnelli Pools & Spa  0
Adam Bujarski scored four goals and one assist, Brent Laudicina and Emily King each had one goal and one assist, Alta Bujarski and Monica Simpson each had a goal, J.T Goode had four saves and Laudicina also had two saves in goal for the Island Pest Control win.

Troy Shonk had 19 saves and Ryan Moss had six saves in goal for Agnelli Pools & Spas.

Adult Soccer Schedule:

April 19, Thursday, 6 p.m., Slim's Place vs. Fl. Discount Signs
April 19, Thursday, 7 p.m., Agnelli Pools & Spa vs. Wash Family Construction
April 19, Thursday, 8 p.m., Don Meilner & Son Construction vs. Best Buy
April 19, Thursday, 9 p.m., Island Pest Control vs. Pink & Navy Boutique


Go with greens for a tasty meal

Ellen Jaffe Jones prepares for an interview.


Eating healthfully doesn't have to break the bank. I've eatAnna Maria Island Sun News Storyen this way pretty much the past 30 years to dodge a family history of breast cancer that got my mom, aunt and both sisters. Most adults had major heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimer's and arthritis. All this while I still continue to place in 5K races for my age group and did my first marathon two years ago. I was the fifth oldest to finish The Palm Beaches Marathon.

A number of stories have been written about my ability to beat the odds. How do I do it? Did I get all the good genes? Nope. No magic bullet sorry to say, just that old broken record, diet and exercise. Specifically a plant-based, low-fat vegan diet. Doctors told me I better do something different or I would end up like everyone else in my family. I've done many things differently. The joys of being the youngest of three daughters. You have plenty of time to watch and try to figure it out.

My book, "Eat Vegan on $4 a Day" is now in the third printing. It went to a second printing faster than any other book my publisher has printed in 30 years. I've spoken at the largest vegetarian festivals in the US this year and will speak in New Orleans, Portland, Hartford and more in the next few months. I also have until May to get my next manuscript to the publisher.

The publisher asked me to do another, and it's been so much fun working with the company, I didn't even look for another publisher. Call me silly for not shopping around, but call me loyal. I have heard so many horror stories from authors who blew their advance, fortunes and savings thinking they had the next great American novel or cook book. I am determined to at least break even.

Since many past columns have been about fitness, I thought I'd dedicate a few to the feasting part. These recipes are not in my book, but they represent the way I've lived and eaten for decades. Many recipes are made with the delicious produce made from the food from my CSA, which stands for Community Supported Agriculture. The CSA, Geraldson's Community Farm, is just off the island on 75th street.

Nothing real complicated or expensive is in any of my recipes. No fancy gadgets required. No protein or any other deficiency, as long as I get my vitamin D sunshine. I'm not saying you have to eat this way all the time, though if you asked, I would highly encourage it. Increasing numbers of studies show that plant-based eaters have far less disease, live longer and enjoy a healthier quality of life through old age.

My folks were so sick and diseased by the time I had kids, that they couldn't lift up my children, let alone babysit them. So for me, it's about being around for my kids and grandkids, if I'm lucky enough to ever have any.

Former President Bill Clinton has said exactly the same thing all over the media explaining his decision to go vegan (nothing with mom or a face) to save himself from a third by-pass surgery. As I'm fond of saying, whenever broccoli makes it on to your plate, that's a victory. Whatever works. Blood tests don't lie. Without health, all the wealth in the world won't buy fun in paradise.

Tempeh with Greens Curry in a Hurry

Serves 6
Prep time: 10 minutes
Cook time: 20 minutes if using cooked beans

1 small yellow onion, chopped
2 Tbs. garlic chips
2 large leaves collard greens, stems removed, rolled and cut into thin 1/2-inch strips.
1/2 block tempeh, cut into small cubes
1 tsp. tumeric
1/4 tsp. curry

Water as needed

In a large skillet, add the onions, garlic chips and sauté in enough water to cover. If water evaporates, add more and cook until onions are translucent. Add the tempeh, greens and remaining spices. Add enough water to keep the greens from sticking and cover. Stir 2-3 times coating the veggies and tempeh with the golden spices. Cook until the collards are tender, but still bright green, about 10-15 minutes.

You can follow Island resident Ellen Jaffe Jones on her Facebook page and keep up with her just released book:,"Eat Vegan on $4 a Day," or her website: She is also a nationally certified personal trainer and running coach. For training in a gym or private hire, contact Ellen at or 941-704-1025.

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