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Vol. 11 No. 43 - August 10, 2011


Living with Florida's humidity

How many times in your lifetime have you said "It's not the heat it's the humidity?" If you're like most Florida residents those words have come out of your mouth at least once every summer. This age old axiom is exactly right since the body's perception of comfort is directly related to the level of humidity in the air. But what about the comfort of your home, how is the most important asset in your life dealing with Florida summers?

Many homeowners believe lowering the temperature on the air conditioning will result in cooler, dryer interior air. However, most air conditioning experts will tell you that increasing the air conditioning will do nothing for the level of humidity except cost you money. In addition, it has the potential to increase condensation and possible water damage and mold growth promoting wall, floor and ceiling warping.

Excessive mold growth in homes particularly behind wall board can lead to the necessity of replacing or chemically cleaning not only wall board but also wood framing. This is a very expensive process which is frequently not covered by homeowners' insurance policies unless specifically purchased.

High levels of humidity can also create mold and mildew on carpeting and draperies, wet stains on walls and ceilings and a failure of paint and warping woodwork. Even musty smells and lingering odors can make you uncomfortable and infiltrate and stick to every porous surface including all of the fabrics in your home including clothing.

It is also generally accepted that controlling the level of humidity in your home will allow your air conditioning system to work more efficiency resulting in lower electrical costs.

There are several ways to control the humidity in your home. Centralized dehumidifiers are attached to existing central air conditioning systems and must be professionally installed. This system is convenient, not obtrusive and removes a very high percentage of water from the air. Portable dehumidifiers can be purchased in most home improvement stores and installed by homeowners. These portable units need to be moved from room to room in order to maintain proper humidity levels, require constant maintenance and remove a lesser percentage of water from the air.

Another method of controlling humidity is a humidistat. A humidistat helps control the circulation of air in coordination with the air conditioning unit. This has become a very popular system especially for part time Florida residents who may be absent during some of the more humid months.

In addition to harming your home and increasing your energy costs, having an excess of humidity can, of course, create a health risk because of poor air quality in the home. Mold, mildew, dust mites and bacteria thrive in damp environments, and these microbiological agents can affect a person's respiratory system especially for people who suffer from asthma and allergies.
The bottom line on humidity is that the less of it in your home the better. Not only will you and your family be more comfortable and possibly healthier but the structure of your home and longevity of its contents extended.

We all pay the price for living in a semi-tropical climate. Even if you personally have no problem tolerating the summer humidity, you still need to be aware that your home may not feel the same way.

It's not the heat, it's the humidity; you better believe it.

Real Estate Transactions
Real Estate Transfers from July 1 to 15, 2011
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Anna Maria

07/11/2011 579,000 534,500 208 Periwinkle Plaza 1544 3BR/2.5BA SFR
07/11/2011 997,500 850,000 306 Poinsettia Road 3484 6BR/5.5 BA SFR
07/07/2011 889,000 825,000 410 Pine Ave. 2832 4BR/3.5BA SFR
07/08/2011 379,900 360,000 228 Willow Ave. VAC

Bradenton Beach

07/15/2011 189,900 185,000 105 S Seventh St. S. # B 900 2BR/2BA Condo REO/Bank Owned
07/15/2011 539,000 485,000 1101 North Bay Drive VAC

Holmes Beach

07/15/2011 225,000 200,000 600 Manatee Ave. # 225 1176 2BR/2BA Condo
07/15/2011 419,000 350,000 6604 Holmes Blvd. 1148 2BR/2BA Condo
07/01/2011 399,000 373,500 308 58th St. 1200 2BR/2BA Condo
07/13/2011 299,000 260,000 456 63rd St. 1071 2BR/2BA SFR Short sale
07/07/2011 595,000 545,000 612 Gladstone Lane 2051 3BR/2BA SFR
07/05/2011 334,900 315,000 213 58th St. 1337 2BR/2BA SFR
07/05/2011 399,900 360,000 2905 Avenue C 1556 2BR/2BA SFR
07/01/2011 299,900 275,000 458 63rd St. 1425 2BR/2BA SFR
07/15/2011 305,000 300,000 215 71st St. VAC

Source: Manatee County Property Appraiser’s Office

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