Vol. 11 No. 39 - July 13, 2011


Anna Maria Island Sun News StoryWeekend washout

In the pre-dawn hours last Friday, Anna Maria Island Turtle Watch and Shorebird Protection volunteers began waking up all over the Island.

"I heard the storm, and I knew we would have problems," AMITW Director Suzi Fox. "With that wind and the pounding surf, I knew we'd have some nests washed out for sure, and I was also worried about the birds nesting on the north end of the Island. More...

Woman nearly drowns

A 55-year-old woman was found face down in the Gulf of Mexico near the Moose Lodge at 110 Gulf Drive N. in Bradenton Beach on Saturday, July 9, around 2 p.m. and may have been saved by beachgoers who started CPR. More...

Theft total estimated at $485K

HOLMES BEACH – The amount of money the Key Royale Club may have lost to embezzlement is estimated to be around $485,000, according to club president Craig Humphreys in the club's monthly newsletter, Tee Time Topics.

This is the only mention of the club's problems stemming from what is being called an embezzlement by an employee. The Holmes Beach Police Department has acknowledged conducting an investigation of a financial matter at the club, although it has not identified a suspect. More...

Board sees options at budget work session

ANNA MARIA – Finance Director Diane Percycoe presented commissioners with several options regarding the millage rate and budget at their first work session last week.

According to Percycoe's figures:

• The current millage rate of 1.7882 generates $1,096,661;

• The same millage rate for 2011-12 would generate $1,037,650 or $59,011 less than the current budget; More...

Anna Maria Island Sun News StorySun sweeps 14 awards in FPA contest

The Anna Maria Island Sun has earned 14 awards, including four first place awards, in the 2010 Florida Press Association Better Weekly Newspaper Contest.

Sun staff writer and photographer Cindy Lane won eight awards, and cartoonist Steve Borggren, Outdoors editor Rusty Chinnis, staff writer Pat Copeland, publisher and photographer Maggie Field, the editorial team of editor Mike Field and correspondent Laurie Krosney, and columnist Sean Murphy each won an award. More...

City will seek purchase of six lots

ANNA MARIA – After a lengthy discussion, commissioners told Mayor Mike Selby to negotiate a contract to purchase six lots at the corner of Pine Avenue and Bay Boulevard.

Selby said Blackhawk Bank and Trust, the majority lender on the property, has offered to sell the property for $2.8 million paid over 20 years at 4 percent interest. Option 1 offers level payments and Option 2 offers interest only for two years. More...

City hammers out trash ordinance

BRADENTON BEACH – It looked more like a work session than a meeting last Thursday night as the city commission took an hour to amend a proposed trash collection ordinance allowing Waste Pro to take over the duties formerly done by the city's public works department.

After an initial meeting last month where some fundamental details were missing, City Attorney Ricinda Perry drew up the new ordinance with question marks where decisions still needed to be made. The first question was when Waste Pro would take over the duties and the city would cease its regular trash collection. The city collects the fee for trash service on an annual basis at the beginning of each year, and it would have to either pay Waste Pro for the service up through the end of the year or continue its own collection. More...

Amended site plan approved

ANNA MARIA – The planning and zoning board recommended approval of an amended site plan for 315/317 Pine Avenue to include 313 Pine Avenue.

Vice Chair Tom Turner said 315 and 317 are existing buildings, and 313 will be a new building that is being added to the site. In addition, the sidewalk will be relocated and the parking has been revised to meet Chapter 91 requirements. More...


Anna Maria Island Sun News Story

The case of the suspicious submerged squares

In the Gulf of Mexico off Bradenton Beach, small, white squares lie silently on the sea floor, some in straight lines running north to south, refusing to give up their secret.

Many a summer snorkel session has been plagued by gnawing questions:

Are the suspicious submerged squares the underpinnings of a road that has since been claimed by the Gulf of Mexico? More...


Anna Maria Island Sun News StoryDOA event lures writers, guides

Being an outdoor writer will not make you a lot of money, but it does put you in touch with some of nature's finest places and people. The fishing can be exciting, exposing you to new species and techniques while providing insights that improve your craft. The travel opens up new vistas, and often expands your understanding of the natural world. Of course the camaraderie that develops between the people you meet and share your experiences with can make it especially rewarding. Combining all of these into a three day adventure is of course, priceless! More...

real estate

Negative equity stats staggering

An oxymoron is a figure of speech that combines contradictory terms. As contradictory terms go, negative equity is at the top of a long list of others swirling around our real estate downturn.

Negative equity is when the value of an asset, a piece of real estate, is less than the outstanding loan on that asset. The more common term for negative equity and one that we mostly hear is underwater. No matter which term is used, the statistics for properties with a negative equity are staggering. More...


Anna Maria Island Sun News StoryFunky and fun at Ginny & Jane E's

If someday you're stepping off the Island trolley and happen to see the sign for Ginny's and Jane E's at The Old IGA, don't expect to find milk and Campbell's Soup on the other side of the front door. What you will find is one of Anna Maria's historic destinations and an anchor of the community.

Two years ago when Bert Schaefer and Jeff Levey purchased Ginny's & Jane E's Bakery Café and Island Coastal Store on Gulf Drive in Anna Maria, they had no idea how important Anna Maria would be in their lives. Relocating from the east coast of Florida, the long time Florida residents were winding down from stressful business careers and were looking to spend some quality and leisure time. The no bells and whistles atmosphere of the Island and of Ginny's & Jane E's was just what they were looking for. More...

Anna Maria Island Sun News Story

Staying secure on the Web

Investment Corner

The Internet is a wonderful tool. It allows us instant access to more information than any of us can ever use. It also allows us to be very efficient by allowing us to shop and handle financial matters, like bill-paying, from our home, office or even on the plane. Remember the days of driving to the utility company to pay the monthly bill? Well those days are long gone, and thank goodness they are with today's gas and postage prices. More...


Anna Maria Island Sun News Story

Summer indoor soccer heats up at the Center

Indoor game summaries:

(6-9-year-old league):

Southern Greens -7 ~ Beach Bums – 0
For Southern Greens, Julius Peteriet scored three first half goals and two second half goals to lead his team to victory. Angelina Sculco scored two second half goals as well. Goalie Ana Gonzalez gets the shut out with some help from great defenders Tori Coover and Gavin Johnston. More...

Keeping fit on the cheap

Feasting on Fitness

Keeping fit doesn't have to be expensive.

If you belong to a gym, inquire about existing fitness center discounts.

Some of the biggest gym membership deals come from corporate accounts. Many companies, even small ones, make deals with local gyms. More...

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