Letter to the Editor: Goodbye for now

I am most proud of my “resident” platform. I ran on that and always held true to it. As I reached out as I bicycled and rode through the neighborhoods, I always let people know that I valued their input on city issues and that I was there if they needed me. I think that is why I received the top votes each time I ran. I was a voice for the people and a voice of reason. I never used my role of commissioner for personal gain.

I helped to strengthen the noise ordinance, I initiated the idea of competitive bidding, promoted better and more sidewalks and better quality of work by contractors and encouraged greater transparency. I tried to make suggestions that would help to build an honest, transparent government and I made decisions that would help to maintain the character of the island. These issues are going to be so important as the commission moves forward.

Just because I am stepping down, for now, does not mean I am gone. I still care about the direction of Holmes Beach.


Kim Rash

Former commissioner, Holmes Beach