Wash Family Construction, Slim’s Place top soccer rankings

Wash Family Construction, Slim’s Place top soccer rankings
Left, Lindsey Styka, for Sato Real Estate, steps in against Ross Built’s James Lynch last Tuesday night at The Center. - Monica Simpson | Sun

ANNA MARIA – With one game left in the regular season, three adult soccer games were played Oct. 27 at The Center of Anna Maria Island. After six games, Wash Family Construction and Slim’s Place are at the top of the rankings with 4-1-1 records.

In what would have been the fourth game of the night, team Wash Family took the win by forfeit against Slim’s Place.

In the first game, team Sato Real Estate, currently ranked third, played team Ross Built Construction. With the loss, Ross Built fell to last place with a 1-5-0 record.

Despite the loss, the Ross Built squad put up impressive statistics and stayed in the game until the final whistle blew.

Both teams produced double hat tricks. Lindsey Styka and Jacek Czajkowski scored six points for Sato Real Estate, with three goals each.

On the other side of the field, Dean Hinterstoisser and Greg Ross each scored three points for Ross Built Construction. Hinterstoisser and Ross made the only goals for their team in the 6-8 loss.

Adding to the Sato Real Estate scoring were team captain Josh Sato and Danny Anderson, each with singles. In the goal, Steve Oelfke was credited with three saves, while Adam Mott’s incredible saves helped Sato Real Estate capture the W.

Ross Built faces Wash Family Construction Thursday, Nov. 3 in the first game, scheduled to start at 6 p.m. The Sato Real Estate team faces Slim’s Place in game three.

ServisFirst Bank met their match against Pool America in the second game of the night with a four-point loss.

Pool America’s Gerardo Urbiola Bolanos scored four goals of his own in the victory, with additional goals by Kris Yavalar and Jana Whitehead. Matt Staggs contributed to his team’s win with two goals of his own.

Selena Gonzalez-Salinas struck with two goals for ServisFirst Bank, along with solo goals by Ugur “Lucky” Durmaz and Joseph Keogh.

In the 8-4 game, Pool America’s goalkeepers helped with the big win. Chris Klotz led the charge with five saves, while Nate Welch stepped in to make two stops.

Welch’s time in goal allowed Klotz to play the field, earning an assist.

ServisFirst also put two players in the goal. Team captain Yuri Pereira was credited with one stop and Joseph Keogh made two big stops.

In week seven action, Pool America will face Moss Builders. Moss finished the week with a 2-2-2 record after losing to Gulfview Windows & Doors.

Gulfview, who handily beat Moss Builders, plays ServisFirst Bank in the last regular season week of adult soccer action in the 7 p.m. game.

Holding Moss Builders to four goals, Gulfview’s goalie Tuna McCracken made nine huge stops. On offense, McCracken’s teammates Raul Loera and team captain Keith Mahoney earned their own hat tricks. Asli Gunsel had two goals and Zach Long had a single in the 9-4 triumph.

Moss Builders’ scoring came off the boots of Damir Glavan and Jessica Williams, each with two goals. Olaf Krause, team captain for Moss Builders, supported his defense with four saves as keeper.

With the season’s schedule pushed a week due to Hurricane Ian, the much-anticipated Paul “Ace” Hayward Cup championship game is scheduled for Thursday, Dec. 1 at 7 p.m.

Sun Scoreboard

OCT. 14



The Salty Dolphins (2-0-0) 17

Paddy Wagon (1-1-0) 16



Captain Ron’s Crew (1-1-0) 18

General Bums (0-2-0) 13


OCT. 25




Solid Rock Construction (2-3-1) 2
Cloud Pest Control (0-6-0) 0


LaPensee Plumbing (5-0-1) 4

AMI Coconuts (1-2-3) 0


Sato Real Estate (4-0-2) 1

Island Real Estate (3-2-1) 0




Progressive Cabinetry (1-2-1) 2

Mac Parkman (0-3-2) 2


HSH (3-0-1) Bye Week




Sato Real Estate (3-2-1) 8

Ross Built Construction (1-5-0) 6


Pool America (3-3-0) 8

ServisFirst Bank (1-4-1) 4


Gulfview Windows and Doors (3-3-0) 9

Moss Builders (2-2-2) 4


Wash Family Construction (4-1-1) Win by Forfeit

Slim’s Place (4-1-1) L