Anna Maria implementing new notification system

Anna Maria implementing new notification system
The city of Anna Maria will soon utilize the GOGov phone app. - City of Anna Maria | Submitted

ANNA MARIA – The city has purchased a GOGov software subscription that will provide citizens with a new request, notification and alert system.

On Oct. 27, the city commission approved the $6,720 purchase of a one-year software subscription for GOGov’s Citizen Request Management and Citizen Notifications and Alerts programs.

GOGov’s cell phone-based software applications are currently being used by several other Florida cities and counties. City Clerk LeAnne Addy will help implement and monitor the new system. Addy said the notifications and event notices issued with the GOGov software will also automatically be posted at the city website. Commissioner Robert Kingan praised Addy for taking on these additional duties.

Mayor Dan Murphy expects the GOGov system to be fully operational by late November. At that time, a link to the free phone app will be posted at the city website. The app will be available for cell phones using iOS and Android operating systems.

Anna Maria implementing new notification system
Event notifications are among the many features of the GOGov system. – City of Anna Maria | Submitted

Users with the free cell phone app will be able to receive city notifications, view city information and report complaints and concerns in one easy-to-access location.

The notification and alerts program will allow the city to notify residents, business owners and others regarding emergency storm warnings, utility outages, boil water alerts, road closures, special event notifications, event reminders and more.

The system will allow users to notify the city’s public works department regarding potholes, damaged road conditions, fallen trees and things of that nature. The GOGov system will also allow users to inform the city’s code enforcement department regarding certain code enforcement issues to be specified by the city.

GOGov’s Citizen Request Management software will serve as a virtual help desk and citizen engagement platform that allows citizen users to track the status of their complaints or requests.

It will also allow the city to issue real-time notifications and status updates regarding the complaint or issue being resolved.

Resident Alan Ward asked if the new system would apply to the city’s building department and the city’s planning and zoning efforts. Addy said it would not.

Ward also inquired about the city’s recent hurricane-related Facebook posts. Murphy said during Hurricane Ian the city posted notices on Facebook that simply said accurate and up-to-date hurricane-related information could be found at the city website. Murphy said the city does not use Facebook to distribute official city information.