Letter to the Editor: County leaders should support Holmes Beach

As a descendant of the Holmes family who built Holmes Beach, Mayor Judy Holmes Titsworth exudes the same passion and love for this city as her father, mother and grandparents. Her family’s aim was to offer a true paradise for every resident and visitor, evidenced by all streets ending with public access to our city’s treasured sandy beaches. Mayor Titsworth is currently working diligently to ensure that her family’s vision is carried on, respecting the delicate balance between residents’ quality of life and our visitors’ recreational pleasure.

Sadly, Manatee County commissioners, especially those strongly tied to developers, are fighting Mayor Titsworth at every perceived opportunity. In deference to developers, county commissioners proposed the construction of a multi-level garage in our city, hoping to lure in as many visitors as possible. Knowing our city’s infrastructure limits as well as our city charter code, the idea was denied unanimously by the entire Holmes Beach city commission. This set off a petty stalemate by county commissioners to shun or refuse this city’s requests at every opportunity. Funds and grants are now denied by the county, and the necessary collaboration between city and county commissioners (such as the emergency actions taken during the recent hurricane) is misreported by county commissioners to imply poor city leadership. There is nothing further from the truth; such behavior by the county commissioners is sheer destructive pettiness.

Our mayor, Judy Titsworth, dedicates over 60 hours of her weekly life analyzing how our city optimally operates and implements programs to ensure that it does. She has a dedicated interest in our environment, its land, waters and wildlife, and is currently focused on restoring our island’s pristine water quality. And, as an enormous bonus to all of us, she just happens to be a kind, honest person and a genuine good soul. Our heartfelt thanks to Mayor Titsworth for caring so deeply for our island, its residents, and its tourists. Aided by the united support and cooperation among our city commissioners and our police force, Holmes Beach is very fortunate to have an entire group of dedicated, good people directing our city. Thank you, Mayor, city commissioners, and our entire police and code enforcement team. We very much appreciate all you do for our little paradise.

Please, Manatee County commissioners, start giving our city your support and assistance, not your back.


Jeannie and Gary Hudkins

Holmes Beach