Slim’s Place undefeated in adult soccer action

Slim’s Place undefeated in adult soccer action
With Eric Pullen in position to help for Slim’s Place and Chris Klotz closing from the side for Pool America, Joey Hutchinson and Kris Yavalar strong-arm each other to get to the soccer ball on the community center’s pitch. - Monica Simpson | Sun

ANNA MARIA – On the beautiful fall night at The Center, players, friends, family and referees all came together for a night of soccer, grateful to have been spared by Hurricane Ian. Even though the action on the pitch was a bit overshadowed by non-stop conversations of gratefulness on the sidelines and in the stands, the eight adult soccer teams played hard-fought battles.

In the first game last Thursday night, Joey Hutchinson had the hot foot for Slim’s Place. Scoring six of the nine goals in the game for his team, Hutchinson also made an assist in the team’s 9-6 win against Pool America.

Kris Yavalar, for Pool America, lit up the scoreboard scoring the first goal of the game, finishing with four goals and an assist. Yavalar and Hutchinson worked for position on the field throughout the match-up, ending with Hutchinson doubling his scoring record for the season.

At the end of week three, Hutchinson leads the scoring in the league with a total of 12 points and three assists.

Slim’s Place scored three additional goals with a single by Eliza Faillace and two by Eric Pullen. Early in the game, Pullen sailed his strikes over the crossbar. Making the necessary adjustments, Pullen moved into third for scoring. With five goals, Pullen is tied with four other players in the scoring ranks. Amy Ivin, Kevin Roman, Keith Mahoney and Yavalar each closed out the third week of play with five goals.

For Pool America, Gerardo Urbiola Bolano put up two points in the loss. These are the first two points of the season for Bolano.

In the goal, Jack Goodier was credited with two saves in the game. Goodier was relieved by Pool America teammate and captain Chris Klotz, who had an injury in the game. 

Slim’s Place’s P.J. Smargisso made critical saves for his team. Making six stops in the game helped his team to victory.

Ties and close scoring action was the name of the game for the rest of the night. Wash Family Construction tied Servis 1st Bank in game two. The third game of the night ended in a tie between Moss Builders and Sato Real Estate.

Wash Family Construction’s Kevin Roman had a hat trick in the game, while Yuri Pereira made three saves for Servis.

Pereira’s teammates put five goals on the scoreboard with solo goals by Luca Vecchio and Juan Carlo Perez.

Servis 1st Bank’s Ugur “Lucky” Durmaz matched Roman’s hat trick with three goals of his own.

In the keeper position, Mark Long made eight critical saves in the game for Wash Family, keeping them in the game.

Tyler Brewer’s two goals helped to get the Wash Family team to the tie.

Saving 11 shots, Ryan Moss kept the shooting power of Sato Real Estate to six goals. Moss’ team, Moss Builders, made their six shots count, with six points scored in the tie-ending game.

For Moss Builders scoring, Damir Glavan had four goals, with an additional two by Daniel Hampton and Jessica Williams.

Sato Real Estate’s points came at the foot of Danny Anderson with a hat trick and two by Lindsey Styka. Teammate Pedro Gonzalez added a goal in the 6-6 game.

Ending the night, Ross Built Construction matched up against Gulfview Windows & Doors. Gulfview eked out the win with two goals, scored by captain Keith Mahoney and Raul Loera.

In the 2-1 game, Gulfview’s goalie Tuna McCracken supported his team defensively with seven big stops in the game. Steve Oelfke made five critical saves. 

Avoiding the goose egg, off an assist by Raul Castano, Eduardo Schlueter scored Ross Builts’ only goal in the game.

After three games, Slim’s Place is on top with a 3-0-0 record. With more than half the season left to play, can the Slim’s crew stay on top?

Sun Scoreboard

OCT. 4

Youth Soccer

Week 3


LaPensee Plumbing (2-1-0) 2

Solid Rock Construction (0-2-1) 1



Island Real Estate (3-0-0) 6

Cloud Pest Control (0-3-0) 0


HSH (2-0-1) 4

Progressive Cabinetry (0-2-0) 1



Mac Parkman (0-0-1) Bye Week

OCT. 6

Youth Soccer

Week 3


Sato Real Estate (1-0-2) 1

AMI Coconuts (1-0-2) 1

Adult Soccer

Week 3


Slim’s Place (3-0-0) 9

Pool America (1-2-0) 6



Wash Family Construction (2-0-1) 5

Servis First Bank (0-2-1) 5



Sato Real Estate (0-2-1) 6

Moss Builders (1-1-1) 6



Gulfview Windows and Doors (2-1-0) 2

Ross Built Construction (1-2-0) 1