Solid Rock, Progressive start off summer hot

Solid Rock, Progressive start off summer hot
Moss Builders’ Callin Westfall handles the ball with the support of teammates Elisabeth ten Haaf and Riley Karecki during last Tuesday night’s indoor soccer action against Progressive Cabinetry. - Monica Simpson | Sun

ANNA MARIA – Youth indoor soccer on the first night of summer brought the heat on The Center’s indoor pitch.

Thanks to the hot leg of Progressive Cabinetry’s Ethan Angel and teammates Barret Raina and Alonso Valle, the team handily defeated Moss Builder. Raina and Valle each had a single goal in the game, contributing to the 5-0 final score.

Progressive’s win puts them at the top of the rankings as the only undefeated team in the U13 league.

The U9 league leader, Solid Rock Construction, also goes into week three of indoor action with a 2-0 record.

Solid Rock shut out their opponent Ugly Grouper last Tuesday night in U9 play, putting in seven goals in the game.

Matthew Darak scored a solo goal and had two assists. Darak’s sister, Mckenna, had a hat trick, adding three goals to the score. Roadman brothers Isaac and Eli contributed to Solid Rock’s 7-0 win with three total goals. E. Roadman made two shots and Isaac added to his stats with an assist.

The two undefeated teams match up against worthy opponents in week three.

Solid Rock plays Bridgetender Inn and Progressive Cabinetry goes up against Shady Lady.

Bridgetender Inn narrowly lost to team Blalock Walters last week with the final score 5-4. Shady Lady lost their game against Freckled Fin with the score 7-5.

In the final game of the night last Tuesday, Shady Lady’s scoring came from Ava Mason with two goals and Alex Monserrate with a hat trick. Making the teamwork happen, Jesse Zaccagnino is recorded to have an assist for Shady Lady in the close game.

For the win, Freckled Fin’s Chandler McRae heated up the field with four of his shots making it past the Shady Lady defense. Tucker McRae had a goal of his own for Freckled Fin. Teammate David Zupa scored two goals in the last game of week two play.

The U9 match-up of Blalock Walters against Bridgetender Inn had powerful shooting and dominating defending on both sides of the soccer ball.

Olivia Wyatt scored three goals for Blalock Walters, while Campbell Collins and Paul ten Haaf each had single scoring strikes for the Bridgetender Inn team.

Wyatt’s scoring was nearly matched by teammate Gavin Angel with two goals. Matching in goals, Bridgetender Inn’s Colton Cook also put two into the indoor soccer net.

The four games of week three start Tuesday, June 28 at 6 p.m., marking the start of the second half of play in week four.


Sun Scoreboard

Tuesday, June 21

Youth indoor soccer
Week Two

Solid Rock Construction (2-0-0) 7

Ugly Grouper (1-1-0) 0


Blalock Walters (1-1-0) 5

Bridgetender Inn (0-2-0) 4


Progressive Cabinetry (2-0-0) 5

Moss Builders (0-2-0) 0


Freckled Fin (1-1-0) 7

Shady Lady (1-1-0) 5