Team Salty Printing wins

Team Salty Printing wins
With Shady Lady’s Amy Ivin coming in to make the stop, Kevin Roman prepares to make a long pass to a Salty Printing teammate. - Monica Simpson | Sun

ANNA MARIA – After their first win of the season last week, Salty Printing walked onto The Center field Thursday night with an air of confidence ready to take on their opponent, team Shady Lady. Despite the fact that their last win was by forfeit, the W was just enough to give the team what they needed to play and earn the 5-2 victory.

Shady Lady came into the game without the striking leg of Eric Pullen and others, leaving Ryan Hogan, Amy Ivin, Adam Mott, Jake Parsons, JD Webb and Nate Welch on the field to play with an empty bench.

The Salty Printing win came with hard work, hustle on the field, strong play, dynamic goalkeeping and a sprinkle of luck. Shady Lady’s offense struck hard and struck often, keeping Tuna McCracken busy in goal for Salty.

McCracken ended the game with 16 recorded saves, with cat-like reflexes making stops left and right. Fortunate for team Salty Printing, several of the Shady Lady shots hit the post or were just slightly off the mark.

The Shady Lady squad did not stop playing hard, fighting for every position and every 50-50 ball. Starting the game in goal, Adam Mott made six important stops for Shady Lady.

Taking his place in goal, teammate Jake Parsons had four saves before the final whistle. With Parsons in goal, Mott came onto the field ready to score. Using his stature and skill, Mott made quick work of his time on the field, scoring one of the two goals for his team.

Nate Welch scored the first point for Shady Lady in the first half of play. Welch’s early goal gave the talented team a spark they needed to stay in the game for a while.

Playing down, as Jaclyn Schlossberg joined the Salty Printing team, Shady Lady just could not stop the scoring efforts of Tyler Brewer and Kevin Roman.

With three goals and an assist, Roman led Salty Printing in scoring. Brewer had two solid goals of his own in the team’s victory. Teammate Nick Cavalluzzi made his mark in the record books with an assist.

As a team, Salty Printing pulled themselves out of the bottom of the league rankings with the win, putting them in seventh place going into the quarter-final round of the playoffs. The team plays second seed Servis First Bank in the 8 p.m. game on Thursday night.

The first game of the playoffs starts with #4 ranked Sato Real Estate facing Shady Lady. Gulfview Windows & Doors meets Progressive Cabinetry in the last game of the night, as the third and sixth seeded teams, respectively.

Undefeated team Moss Builders earned the prime playing time, challenging last place The Gitt Team in the 7 p.m. game at The Center.

Can Moss Builders make their way to the championship game as one of only a few undefeated teams to go all the way? Their worthy opponents will do their best to make their mark in the playoffs, seeking the Paul “Ace” Hayward Cup.


 Sun Scoreboard

Tuesday, May 10

8- to 10-Year-Old League Week 4

Flip Flop Candy Shop (2-0-1) 1

Solid Rock Construction (1-1-1) 1


Tidy MD (0-2-1) 1

Beach Bums (1-2-1) 1


The Gitt Team (2-1-0) Bye week

11- to 14-Year-Old League Week 4

HSH (1-2-1) 5

Moss Builders (3-0-1) 5


Miz & Hiz Biz (1-3-0) 3

Shady Lady (2-2-0) 2

Thursday, May 12

Adult Co-Ed Soccer Week 7

Shady Lady (2-3-2) 2

Salty Printing (2-5-0) 5


Gulfview Windows & Doors (4-2-1) 9

The Gitt Team (1-4-1) 1


Servis First Bank (5-2-0) Win by forfeit

Sato Real Estate (3-4-0) L


Progressive Cabinetry (2-5-0) 0

Moss Builders (7-0-0) 8