City receives one bid for Reimagining Pine Avenue project

City receives one bid for Pine Avenue project
City officials want to install new sidewalks, crosswalks and lighting along Pine Avenue to improve safety for pedestrians, bicyclists, motorists and others. - Joe Hendricks | Sun

ANNA MARIA – Sarasota-based C-Squared CGC Inc. is the only construction firm that submitted a bid proposal in response to the request for proposals (RFP) issued for the Reimagining Pine Avenue project.

The city’s recently-issued RFP sought bid proposals from construction firms interested in installing new sidewalks, crosswalks and streetlights along Pine Avenue. City officials believe the improvements will make Anna Maria’s main commercial corridor safer for pedestrians, motorists and other users.

On May 12, Mayor Dan Murphy provided the Anna Maria City Commission with an update on the RFP process. Murphy said the city received many inquiries from potential bidders but C-Squared was the only firm that actually submitted a bid proposal.

The C-Squared bid is for approximately $2 million and roughly 50% of those estimated costs pertain to streetlights, he said, adding that the C-Squared bid was received the previous week and he had not yet had time to thoroughly analyze the proposal.

Murphy said that he, the city staff and the city’s contracted engineering firm need to further analyze the proposal before presenting it to the city commission to accept, modify or reject.

The commission could choose to discard the C-Squared proposal and issue new RFPs that seek separate bid proposals for the sidewalks, crosswalks and streetlights, Murphy said. He doesn’t yet know which approach might work best for the city. He said he would provide the commission with a more detailed analysis and copies of the C-Squared proposal at the commission’s next meeting. The sealed bid proposal received from C-Squared has not yet been made available to the public or the media.

C-Squared recently entered into a multi-million-dollar contract with the city of Holmes Beach for its city center project, he said. During public comment, it was noted C-Squared previously completed a brick paver parking lot project and a crosswalk replacement project for the city of Bradenton Beach.

City receives one bid for Pine Avenue project
As part of a separate city project, new stormwater infiltration trenches are being installed along Pine Avenue. – Joe Hendricks | Sun

Murphy said the Woodruff & Sons construction company is currently installing new stormwater infiltration trenches along Pine Avenue as part of the city’s ongoing efforts to improve drainage and reduce localized flooding throughout the city.

City receives one bid for Pine Avenue project
The below-surface infiltration trenches are covered with white lime rock. – Joe Hendricks | Sun