Police warn of ‘fresh towel’ scam

Police warn of ‘fresh towel’ scam

BRADENTON BEACH – Police are warning unsuspecting visitors of a possible scam.

A group visiting from Illinois was staying at a rental unit on Avenue A in Bradenton Beach when a tan-colored late-1990s or early-2000s sedan pulled into the driveway and a Hispanic woman in her mid-30s to early 40s got out of the car and approached the renters, according to a report filed by Officer John Tsakiri on May 5.

She asked in broken English if they were owners or renters. The group confirmed that they were renting, and the woman asked if they had enough clean towels. She walked into the house through the garage, then walked out of the house and said “OK, I’m leaving.” The woman got into her car and left the rental unit.

The renters contacted the rental company and told them about the woman, who was not authorized to be there. Police believe this may be a scam to allow the woman to enter the home and search for valuables to steal if no one follows her.

Police urge you to report suspicious activity and not allow anyone in your rental unit unless you are aware in advance they will be coming. If you observe suspicious activity, call the police immediately at 941-778-6311 and report the incident.