Sato Real Estate sets the stage in game one

Sato Real Estate sets the stage in game one
With pressure from Will Kretzmann for Sato Real Estate, Shady Lady’s J.D. Webb winds up for the strike against goalkeeper Josh Sato last Thursday night. - Monica Simpson | Sun

ANNA MARIA – The spring adult soccer season started off under the threat of rain, but the four opening week games were played without fail. With 22 minutes on the scoreboard clock, the Sato Real Estate team started the scoring strong.

Sato’s Damir Glavan shot the first goal of the season after less than five minutes of play. Glavan’s goal was the first of four against the Shady Lady defense.

With 16:02 on the clock for the first half of play, Sato’s Will Kretzmann shot his first goal of the night, taking the score to 2-0.

In the co-ed recreational soccer league, Selena Gonzalez-Salinas moved the score to 3-0 with a beautiful shot past Shady Lady’s goalie, Tuna McCracken. Michael Moya started the game in goal for Shady Lady but was needed to bolster his team’s effort on the field.

McCracken, who finished the game with seven saves, stepped in to help the Shady Lady squad, down a few players. McCracken is officially on the Salty Printing roster and had to play the next game for his team without a break.

Shady Lady made it on the scoreboard with the only team goal by Nate Welch with four minutes left in the half. The halftime whistle blew with the score 3-1.

Starting the last half of play with the victory still within reach for the Shady Lady squad, Glavan hit his second goal of the night just minutes into the action. Glavan’s perfect position near the post gave Sato Real Estate a three-point lead, with more than 20 minutes left to play.

Sato Real Estate’s fifth goal came off the foot of Josh Sato, from the assist by Glavan. Selfless play karma resulted in Glavan’s third goal. The hat trick pushed the score to 6-1.

Feeling the game slip through their fingers, the Shady Lady team continued to push the Sato Real Estate defense. Between the three official goalies in the game, Sato Real Estate had seven recorded saves against the Shady Lady shooters.

Off a Sato assist to Glavan, the Sato Real Estate hot foot scored his fourth goal of the game. Playing with less than five minutes left in the game and no substitute players, the Shady Lady team saw their hopes disappear.

The final bit of hope ended with the eighth goal by Sato Real Estate by Gonzalez-Salinas off the perfect pass by Sato, ending the game with the score 8-1. The win is predicted to be the first of many for Sato Real Estate in the season.

Shady Lady’s season should be a competitive one with the appearance of the entire team ready to play.

Sato Real Estate takes on Salty Printing Thursday night in the 8 p.m. game. Salty lost their first game against team Progressive Cabinetry.

Shady Lady faces team The Gitt Team Thursday, April 7 at 7 p.m. The Gitt Team could not score against the Moss Builders squad, losing with the final score 3-0.

The strong Moss Builders team plays in the first game next week against Servis First Bank. In a close game against Gulfview Windows & Doors, Servis First captured their first win by a single goal.

Gulfview looks for their first win of the season against Progressive Cabinetry in the late game next Thursday.

Week two action could produce an early leader. Can Sato Real Estate win another championship? Will Moss Builders or Gulfview Windows & Doors, veteran sponsors and champions, take another finale?

The season’s champion will be named in June, with strong soccer action each Thursday night at The Center. 

Sun Scoreboard

Thursday, March 31

Adult Co-Ed Soccer


Sato Real Estate (1-0-0) 8

Shady Lady (0-1-0) 1


Progressive Cabinetry (1-0-0) 4

Salty Printing (0-1-0) 1


Moss Builders (1-0-0) 3

The Gitt Team (0-1-0) 0


Gulfview Windows & Doors (0-1-0) 3

Servis First Bank (1-0-0) 4