Sato Real Estate wins Hayward Cup again

Sato Real Estate wins the cup again
Sato Real Estate clean sweeps the adult soccer season as the undefeated Hayward Cup champions. - Monica Simpson | Sun

ANNA MARIA – The adult co-ed soccer season started on Oct. 7, with team Sato Real Estate playing the first game of the night against team Sandbar. On paper, the Sato squad looked formidable with the likes of Danny Anderson and Josh Sato topping the list as dominant players.

Ryan Hogan, Hogan’s fiancée, Amy Ivin, Greg Ross and Ben Sato provide consistency and solid play to the team. Add in the powerhouse that is Will Kretzmann and the team was predicted to undoubtedly have a winning season.

Teammates Thomas Mangotic, Shawn Markham and Hugo Santos all but guaranteed the championship starting in game 1 of the season.

Going into the final game of the season, The Gitt Team appeared to stand a fighting chance against Sato Real Estate. The underdogs needed a full squad to pull off the big win, and it just was not in the cards. The Gitt Team started the most important game of the season without their goalkeeper and key field players.

Taking advantage of the underpowered opponent, Sato Real Estate put up three points in the first 10 minutes of the game. Anderson, Kretzmann and Markham scored, with assists by Ivin and J. Sato.

Kretzmann scored his second of three goals in the game with 10:50 left in the first half of play, advancing the score to 4-0.

Anderson took a shot near The Gitt Team goal, inadvertently hitting a teammate. Mangotic attempted to score with a header, followed by a Markham strike between the legs of The Gitt Team keeper with less than 28 minutes left to play in the game.

With the score 4-0, Keith Mahoney took a long shot near midfield that landed just left of the post.

Sato Real Estate scored its fifth goal of the night before the close of the half. Leaving the field with a 5-0 deficit, The Gitt Team hit the sideline to talk strategy.

Starting the final 22 minutes of play with good energy, Tim Hurst nearly scored for The Gitt Team.

Second-half scoring for Sato Real Estate started with the sixth goal of the night and a hefty lead for the top-ranked team.

With the much-needed players on the field, The Gitt Team continued to work hard, looking for its first goal.

Gitt Team goalies Alex Monzon, Tim Hurst and Daniel Hampton finished the game with nine total saves, including one at the 33rd minute of the championship game.

Before the final whistle, Sato Real Estate scored three more goals, finishing out the game with the score 9-0. Kretzmann got his hat trick in the second half of play, with additional goals by both Anderson and Markham.

Ivin finished the game with two goals, showing why she is one of the most sought-after players in the league.

Will the dominance of team Sato Real Estate continue into the next season or will the Paul “Ace” Hayward Cup winners find themselves on new teams the next time The Center pitch sees adult soccer action? Let the draft room drama begin.

Sun scoreboard

Thursday, Dec. 16

Adult co-ed soccer – championship game

The Gitt Team 0

Sato Real Estate 9