Holmes Beach candidates sound off on golf cart/LSV use

Holmes Beach candidates sound off on golf cart/LSV use
Commissioner Terry Schaefer joins fellow candidate John Monetti for a little campaign sign waving. - Submitted

HOLMES BEACH – Voting by mail is already underway and the five candidates vying for three seats on the city commission only have a few weeks left until the Nov. 2 election to let voters know where they stand on the issues. This week, they give their thoughts in their own words on the use of golf carts and low-speed vehicles in Holmes Beach by answering the question, “How do you feel about golf carts and low-speed vehicles?”

Renee Ferguson

“We are beginning to make strides on this issue. Our commissioners established a moratorium on future golf cart businesses, we have shared ideas with our sister cities and our traffic engineer is looking at other paths for directing traffic. We need input from all stakeholders to look at alternatives to achieve our goal of safety on this issue.”

John Monetti

“I would preface my response with the recognition that I do not have all the current information available since I currently am not a city commissioner. My feelings on the topics reflect topical knowledge though I do stay abreast of these issues as an interested resident.

I own one. I stay off the main streets and respect the impact I could have on traffic flow if I stray onto our main streets.”

Pat Morton

“I will support the chief and mayor in lowering the speed on Gulf Drive to 25 miles per hour and limit golf carts and low-speed vehicles to roads 25 miles per hour.”

Terry Schaefer

“We have established a six-month moratorium on approval of any new dealers while providing the time to study the larger issue of how these vehicles are and should be integrated into traffic patterns and parking. These vehicles have and will become more popular with residents and visitors and this time to study the trend is appropriate to consider safety of use and effects on traffic flow and parking. There have been many sightings of potential safety concerns and this entire investigation will be open for public comment and suggestion. I believe these vehicles provide efficient transportation on the Island and that this is the time to explore whether additional controls are necessary to protect the safety of those passengers and whether existing controls are adequate.”

Carol Soustek

“Low-speed vehicles. There are a lot of them and safety, not speed, is my concern.”

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