Dear Editor,

The priest from St. Bernard church started Rosary on the Beach every Wednesday morning at the Café on the Beach in 2000. That is where we met Theresa and Kim Rash. We spent time praying together and getting to know each other on those beautiful sunrise walks. Over the years, we grew to become the very best of friends. When you meet someone as trustworthy and honest as Kim (and Theresa), you can’t help but become good friends. If anyone ever needs anything or help in any way, Kim is always the first to offer his help. He often helps his friends, the church, or the community at his own expense… he never says no to anyone. He always says, “I don’t have a hobby like golf or fishing, my hobby is to help my family and my friends.”

We also know for a fact that his word is as good as gold. When we sold Kim and Theresa our townhouse on Holmes Boulevard in 2003, we made a deal with no contracts. Our deal was made on a handshake. We did not close on the house until 10 months later. Kim gave us a large check as a down payment with nothing on paper and no contract, which helped us to go ahead and remodel our new home during those 10 months. Everything about that deal went very well because of the good word of Kim Rash. He is a man of integrity and honesty.

We trust him with our lives and we know that he is one of the best friends anyone can have. We are very blessed to know him. He has been good for Holmes Beach and for the residents because you can always count on Kim Rash. The accusations made by a neighbor who has been very difficult to deal with for several months are absolute nonsense. Anyone that knows Kim Rash would know this.

Rich and Laura Clara Weingart

Holmes Beach, FL