Excitement in The Center gym with indoor soccer

After a forfeit by Sato Real Estate, giving Slim’s Place a win in the adult indoor soccer league, Gulfview Windows and Doors won their match-up against Ross Built Construction by five goals, finishing with a 13-8 score.

Goalies Max Gazzo and Brandin Holcomb were neck and neck with 17 and 18 saves, respectively. But Brandin and his team came out on top.

Gulfview’s team captain, Keith Mahoney, had four goals in the game with Jessica Williams and John Haggerty each with one.

Connor Bystrom scored five points for the Ross Built team. The indoor soccer ball found the goal once for teammate Chris Chicaro to round out the team’s scoring.

Joey Hutchinson’s Duncan Real Estate team took the win against Chris Klotz and Pool America last Tuesday night.

Both teams spread out the goalkeeping efforts. Klotz had 13 saves in the game, with Andrew Sullivan and Olaf Krause making a combined 12 saves for Pool America.

Hutchinson kept the soccer ball out of the net eight times, while Robb Marshall, Cole Peterson and Zach Lieb made saves of their own.

Lieb was the high scorer of the game with six goals. Hutchison had four of his own, with Jenna Steininger, Damir Glavan, Zack Long and Peterson each having solo strikes that got by the Pool America goalie.

In their loss, Pool America’s Gerardo Urbiola scored three times, Klotz scored two goals and Omar Polar put it in the net once, giving the team their six goals.

The youth flag football league came to an end this week with championship play on Tuesday night.

Excitement in The Center gym with indoor soccer
Ugly Grouper’s Tristan Szabo works to move past Ray’s Ramblings Jesse Griffin on the gridiron at The Center. – Monica Simpson | Sun

In the 8- to 10-year-old league, HSH Designs, the second seed team, matched up against fifth seed Cool Today.

Third place Slim’s Place took the field with fourth-place finishers of the regular season Ugly Grouper in the 11- to 13-year-old league championship game.

In the final game of the season, the top two teams in the 14- to 17-year-old league met one last time on the gridiron at The Center to claim the ultimate win.

Sun Scoreboard

Monday, March 2
Adult Co-Ed Volleyball

Sandbar                                                  13        14

Ugly Grouper (3-3)                              25        25


Bins Be Clean                                        13        13

Solid Rock Construction (6-0)             25        25


Sandbar (0-6)                                        25        20        9

Bins Be Clean (3-2)                              20        25        15

Tuesday, March 3
Youth Flag Football
8- to 10-year-old league – semi-final

Cool Today 20

Moss Builders 37


HSH Designs 23

Diamond Turf 18


11- to 13-year-old league – semi-final

Slim’s Place 20

Solid Rock Construction 14


Ugly Grouper 13

Progressive Cabinetry 2


14- to 17-year-old league – semi-final

Hashmark Sports 28

Killer Bait 6


MuniPlan 26

Gulf Drive Café 0


Wednesday, March 4
Adult Co-Ed Flag Football

Ugly Grouper (0-5) 8

Beach Bums (3-2) 46


Capt. Sky Cruises (1-4) 27

Firkins Automotive (3-2) 32


Moss Builders (4-1) 16

Lancaster Designs (4-1) 42


Rays Ramblings (3-2) 28

Slim’s Place (2-3) 13


Thursday, March 5
Adult Co-Ed Indoor Soccer

Slim’s Place (2-1) W by forfeit

Sato Real Estate (1-2) L


Gulfview Windows (1-2) 13

Ross Built Construction (0-3) 8


Duncan Real Estate (3-0) 14

Pool America (2-1) 6