Gulfview Windows to meet Ugly Grouper

Gulfview Windows to meet Ugly Grouper
Gulfview’s Ray Gardner plays a strong defense against Trent Gillis for Moss Builders last Wednesday night. - Monica Simpson | Sun

As the adult basketball season moves into the playoffs, Ryan Moss, owner of Moss Builders, finds himself playing against his company-sponsored team last Wednesday night as a member of the victorious Gulfview Windows team.

In the first semifinal game of the season, Gulfview tops Moss Builders by 18 points after a slow start. Despite winning the game-starting tip off, Jordan DeMers to JB Shuck, Moss Builders’ Trent Gillis made a layup, giving his team the early lead.

Gillis followed with his first three pointer, widening the lead 5-0. Gulfview Windows’ Ray Gardner got the basketball to Jon Moss with a precise bounce pass leading to a basket. Getting fouled on the shot, Moss went to the line for a single free throw, moving the score to 5-3.

Bradley Coleman, for Moss Builders, made his outside shot for another three, only to be followed by two shots at the line by Shuck for Gulfview. With the score 8-5, Trent Gillis made a layup for Moss Builders. Aggressive defense on the other end of the court put DeMers to the free throw line for two shots. DeMers missed the first one, but hit the second, taking the points to 10-6.

Another outside shot was hit by Moss’ Joey McElfresh, with another good shot by Coleman to give their team a nine-point lead. Gardner’s point shooting heated up with a three point shot with 10 minutes left in the half. He followed with a fast break scoring opportunity putting up a layup and getting fouled in the process.

Sinking his shot, Moss Builders’ lead was decreased to 15-12. McElfresh was called for a foul on Shuck. Shuck’s consistent shooting from the line made it a one-point game with the score 15-14.

Finally taking the lead in the game, Gardner made a nice layup, shifting the momentum of the game. Jacob Kiester attempted his first three point shot that went off the rim. DeMers answered back, making his three pointer, giving Gulfview Windows a 15-19 lead.

Gillis hit a three, and DeMers put two more points in the statistic books. R. Moss scored two points after Gardner took the ball down the court for his first basket of the game. With the scoreboard at 18-23, R. Moss took the basketball under the basket from a pass by DeMers where he was fouled. R. Moss made the first of two free throws, widening the Gulfview lead by six.

Shuck and Gillis each made two point shots for their teams, but Gardner could not hit his outside shot for an additional three Gulfview points. Making both free throw shots at the line, DeMers once again increased Gulfview’s lead with the score 20-28. After strong scoring, the Gulfview defense got confused at its end of the court, allowing Moss Builders to score an easy two points.

Both teams going back and forth down the court, with a strong and successful scoring effort by Moss Builders, ending the half with the score a tight 29-32.

The second half of play started with a three-point shot by Kiester to tie the game 32-32. This spark was short-lived as Gulfview moved the ball to the basket with 14 unanswered points, putting the score to 33-48.

Moss Builders started making its shots again, with two three pointers by Gillis, pushing the score to 39-50. On another scoring streak, Gardner, DeMers, J. Moss and Shuck all put points up on the scoreboard, giving the Gulfview team an 18-point lead.

With the score 41-59, Moss Builders kept pushing to the basket for points. A three-point basket by McElfresh fell through the net. Trying to gain possession of the basketball, Moss Builders started intentionally fouling the Gulfview squad.

Shuck and Gardner both made their free throw shots, ending Gulfview’s scoring with 67 points. Kiester ended the game with a nice three-pointer for Moss Builders to give his team its 48th point.

Gulfview Windows will match up against Ugly Grouper in the championship game at The Center.


Wednesday, Dec. 11


Moss Builders 49

Gulfview Windows 67


Progressive Cabinetry 43

Ugly Grouper 53

Thursday, Dec. 12



Vintage Beach 11

MuniPlan 6


Sato Real Estate 12

Moss Builders 2


Blalock Walters 5

Vacasa 3


Ross Built Construction 5

Flynn Law 6