Pier design conflict being addressed

Pier design conflict being addressed
This illustration represents architect Barron Schimberg’s vision for the new city pier buildings. - Submitted

ANNA MARIA – Mayor Dan Murphy is working to resolve the design conflicts recently discovered between the architect, Barron Schimberg, who designed the new pier buildings and the engineering firm, Ayres Associates, that designed and engineered the new city pier.

The design conflict pertains to the pitch of the new pier’s T-end decking for drainage purposes.

I+iconSoutheast built the pier walkway and support structure for the T-end decking, restaurant and bait shop.

Mason Martin Builders is building the exterior shells of the new pier buildings.

On Thursday, Oct. 31, Murphy met with several representatives to address the design conflict issues

The following day, Murphy sent an e-mail update to city commissioners bringing them up to speed on the results of the meeting. His email stated those who met with the mayor included Lisa Fleming from Ayres Associates, Schimberg, Mason Martin Builders owner Frank Agnelli, Building Official Luke Curtis and Eddie Miller from Infrastructure Solution Services, one of the city’s new city engineering firms.

“All proposed solutions associated with correcting this issue were identified and discussed. Some of the solutions require further details prior to implementation and any changes will be reviewed by our building official to ensure they meet code,” Murphy wrote.

“Another meeting will be held next week to nail down these details and a plan formulated to move forward. I will update you next week at the conclusion of that meeting,” Murphy’s email stated.

When contacted Friday afternoon, Murphy provided additional details.

“Schimberg designed it to be flat and Ayres designed it to be pitched, so there’s a difference of six or seven inches and that has to be compensated for,” Murphy said.

“It’s not a huge problem, but it’s a problem. So, they’re going to have to make some changes to buildings. It doesn’t look like it going be anything astronomical. They need to raise some of the door frames and probably pour concrete and drill a few holes in the platform to enhance the drainage,” Murphy explained.

“The city is not going to pay for any of that since it’s a problem between the design and the plans,” he added.

Murphy noted the new decking to be installed at the T-end of the pier will sit elevated above the concrete platform that serves as the base for the T-end buildings and decking.

Murphy was asked if the issues identified impact the work Mason Martin Builders has already done according to the plans they were provided with.

“Yes, he’s got door frames he’s probably going to have to move. There are other details that are going to have to be worked out. He’s probably going to have to level the flooring in the restaurant. It doesn’t appear to impact the walls at this point. There’s no plan to move any of the walls,” Murphy said.

Murphy was asked if these issues could further delay the anticipated pier opening in early 2020.

“That’s what we’re going to finalize next week. It depends upon the details of some of these things need to be done. I’m going to guess there might be some delay, but at this point, that’s pure speculation on my part,” Murphy said.

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